Simodrive 6RA27 LIVE PLC Questions And Answers. Join Date: Nov Location: UK. Posts: 5, Here’s what one of the manuals says. List of ebooks and manuels about Simodrive 6ra27 manual – DC- Servo Simodrive 6RADV Siemens 6RA27 90 Amp DC Drive Beg. On CNC-Shopping Intl website, Buy online SIEMENS SIMODRIVE 6RA Simoreg Spindle drive control board or complete drive. Find SIEMENS SIMOREG 6RA.

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It comes with a medium to long-term warranty.

Check voltages of the armature circuit infeed: If sensors are installed in the motor NTC thermistor – or PT — the motor winding temperature can be evaluated with the following external evaluation device: A temperature sensor manuak required for that. At this point in time both thyristors involved are conducting at the same time commutation short circuit.

Lower value of the setpoint step change, e. Once you have replaced the other modules, not more settings or adjustments are needed. Brushes must not be worn down below the permissible residual brush height see marking on brushes. P setting too low. Possible cause during 4Q operation might be line undervoltage, manul line interruption during braking operation.

Between 3W1 and 3C and subsequently 3 D, measurement must be high polarity in one polarity of the ohmmeter and low resistance in the other.

The parameter factory setting is always given in brackets next to the parameter numbers in the circuit diagram, manusl.


The function “immediate pulse disable” via binector should be used with care. The kanual motor voltage is reached when the rated speed is at nominal flux. Both of the current transformers must always be loaded with a load resistor, otherwise they will be damaged by internal overvoltage on current flow.


By solving this algebraic 61 equation and re-transformation to the original, this solution can be calculated as a differential equation.


This is used to keep the area below the carbon brushes field-free, to ensure good 6rra27. Check current limits P, P and torque limits P, P NUM Operator Panel. Order L04 ex works, a retrofit involves a lot of work. Gain Kp P and reset time Tn P Alarm messages can be suppressed via parameter P Optimization of precontrol and current controller armature and field.


If a current actual value of zero cannot be reached for current reduction with Alpha W shift, the drive never enters pulse disable and the “Off” status can therefore not be reached. Semi-conductor protective fuses of duty class “aR” cannot assume additional protection of the line; in this case, extra precautions must be taken. 6ga27 field as load must be connected. The torque direction change is then performed 0.

For pulse encoder, check speed via connector K and the pulse encoder input using an oscilloscope. Rated motor voltage, armature; for manaul, set maximum line voltage x 1. Check control of main contactor. Actual speed value at speed controller input: After elimination of the cause of the fault, the fault must be acknowledged, then OFF1 must be set in order to return to operating state o7.

The motor must remain stopped during current controller optimization. Siemens technical advisers will support you with configuration of this application. See Catalog LV60 under: Number of the module, e. The ramp-function generator for the current setpoint is effective for every current setpoint change of K, recommended setting.

See Operating Instructions, Load for breakaway from standstill is too high. Perform controller optimization with Kp, P and Tn, P in the continuous current range. Sequence of the control signals: Larger motors are equipped with a relubricating device. The gearing Gears are used to adapt mabual speed of the motor to a particular system speed.


Simodrive 6ra27 – eBook and Manual Free download

See Section 10 of the Operating Instructions: The filters specified in the catalog are intended for grounded power systems. Ribbing and burn marks on the commutator must be removed by grinding. At even higher speeds, the current must be reduced while taking account of the commutation brush sparking!

Only parts that are deemed to be repairable can be replaced. Laststrom U-Last Motor Load current Motor armature voltage 0 0 2 4 6 8 10 Id c in [A] U in [V] 80 60 40 20 0 0 Zeitin in [ms] Time [ms] 2 4 Time 6 8 10 in [ms] inZeit[ms] Measurement of current characteristic of line-side current: F cannot be acknowleged until the cause of the original fault message that triggered F is eliminated.

For DC link voltage up to approx. A relevant control signal might be missing. With this transfer function it is possible to obtain information about the stability of the system using suitable methods, for example, the root locus method see the relevant literature.

PMU simple operator panel: The following parameters are not transferred during the download with the DriveMonitor and mnaual be entered manually afterward: If the output voltage of the device before transition into braking mode is too high, F is output in order to protect the drive from conduction-through.

Actual value for field current The actual field current value is sensed by means of shunt resistors on the field module.