Where the output from a2ps goes is determined by the options you specify when typing the command. This document illustrates the basic uses of the a2ps. GNU a2ps is a filter which generates PostScript from various formats, with pretty- printing features, Output Options, What should be done of the output. See the output of `a2ps –list=media’ for the list of supported media. The special medium `libpaper’ means that you want a2ps to ask the library libpaper for the.

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S2ps is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of this manual under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided that the entire resulting derived work is distributed under the terms of a permission notice identical to this one. They need not to be preceded and followed by characters belonging to the alphabet.

If you encoded new encodings support, please contact us. There is a general mechanism to avoid special sequences from being interpreted: There is no equivalent to the LaTeX environment enumerate. There are two PostScript instructions you might want to use in your new PostScript prologue: This schema seems to us a good compromise.

The a2ps program is a powerful, a22ps tool that lets you convert simple text files into high-quality PostScript output.

University of Manitoba – Information Services and Technology – Printing using the a2ps command

For example, -2 is equivalent to 1 row and 2 columns. The precise conditions of the licenses for the programs currently being distributed that relate to pack are found in the General Public Licenses that accompany them.


Moreover, its size would have ten times what it is.

If the command uses an argument, it oytput given between curly braces with no spaces between the command name and the argument. As for page device, those variables are device dependent: Printing using the a2ps command.

Since bold sequences, special characters etc. Printing A4 ooutput Letter-sized paper results in text being cropped at the end of each line in the right column. The output may be sent to the printer or to the standard output or saved into a file. Here after bool stands for boolean.

a2ps(1) – Linux man page

A symbol, when recognized, is replaced by the corresponding character in the symbol font. Page device outpuf a PostScript level 2 feature that offers an uniform interface to control printer’s output device. To install a2ps and gv aka ghostview, which a2ps uses to preview output files: Wednesday, January 22, Print text files with multiples pages per sheet. This program is a great find for me. However, display is a special name to redirect output to ghostview. There should be a space between the option, -P, and the printer a2pss.

Refer to the documentation of your printer for supported options. And you must tell them their rights. PreScript and pack can be used for one-the-fly formating.

Similarly, it will run a file containing Java source code through a Java pretty-printer that italicizes comments and boldfaces keywords automatically, convert a JPEG image file to PostScript, and automatically expand a compressed. For example some printers can print in duplex mode and some can not. To exit gsenter Ctrl – C.


Their main use is to avoid a sequence from being terminated too soon, e. If the width is negative, the value will be printed left-justified.

a2ps(1) – Linux man page

You may redirect the output to a PostScript file or directly to ghostview. On a new sheet pack first draws the water mark, then the lutput of the first page, then the frame of the first page, ditto outut the othersand finally the sheet header and footers.

To make sure that everyone has such rights, we have to forbid you to deprive anyone else of these rights. A new version was written in C by Miguel Santana for improve speed execution and portability. For a complete list of options, and more information on the a2ps command, type the command: It does not know about sophisticated options like landscape orientation with the page image rotated ninety degreesduplex printing using both the front and the back of each sheetor n -up printing multiple page images on the same side of the same sheet, side by side or in a rectangular grid.