The third book in the phenomenal New York Times bestselling Nightshade series Calla has always welcomed war. But now that the final battle is upon her. Bloodrose (Nightshade, book 3) by Andrea Cremer – book cover, description, publication history. Parents need to know that the final installment in author Andrea Cremer’s best- selling supernatural Nightshade trilogy once again features.

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So, well done, Cremer. Gripping werewolf thriller explores lust more than love.

I was so bored when I read that book, but this one was action packed! Jan 07, Saniya rated it really liked it. And it still tore me apart.

Bloodrose (Nightshade , book 3) by Andrea Cremer

I would say that was pretty awesome. What do you want me to say? The other star is simply for crmeer my time successfully.

Not only did I love their interaction with each other, but also with the Searchers. He was setting me free.

Surely this can not be the finished copy??!! I have no idea how to rate this book. Not if you haven’t read the first two!

Bloodrose (Nightshade #3; Nightshade World #6) by Andrea Cremer

Did I miss something? Jun 17, Jana added it Shelves: And now in Bloodrose, I actually started ahdrea dislike her. But if I can set aside my feelings about the love story, the rest of the story was really cool. Werewolf finale focuses on love triangle and bloody battle.


The short story was marvelous and very, very interesting. I suppose some found it satisfying, but I found it incomplete.

God, I need to stop bringing personal stuff into this. Also I was not satisfied with the ending. I loved the way he immediately accepted Adne as his sister and wanted so badly to protect her.

This just goes to show that it’s ok for teenagers to have sex, drink, and cures. Andreaa page I was already disgusted and frustrated with Calla, view spoiler [ For chosing Shay, and without even informing poor Ren because she was “thinking about his state of mind during war”, so basically she was willing to continue to lead Ren and his poor little fragile heart on even longer: She strings along one of her love interests into believing he has a chance with her, even though she knows he doesn’t.

Bloodrose: Nightshade, Book 3

He’s a bratty little boy. The only way I would have liked it, is if Ren had not died, and Shay had to stay human. Ha ha ctemer Andrea thanks for nothing!

Poor Ren died an embarrassing death, andrsa lost Calla all in the same day. Just tell me one thing. Poor freakin’ Ren can’t catch a break with her even after he’s dead! Although she started a started a sexual relationship with someone in WolfsbaneCalla not only kisses someone else in this book but cremeer leads him to believe he has a chance at winning her heart.


Shay shouldn’t have lived!!! I liked how in the beginning, they all worked together to protect something, they all knew their place in their community and knew bloodroee future. I appreciate an author who can add a realistic air to a paranormal read. I cannot believe I waited this long for an ending of what was one of my favouraite series. But neither did killing REN! I couldn’t find a single thing that spoke about the origin of the Guardians other then, they were created by the Keepers.

I honestly really tried to love this book.

Regrettably, Ren’s unfortunate, awful death means that Calla ended up with Shay. You’re the path a choose from the moment I saved you on the mountain. I feel embarassed for Ren. It was so sweet! Just want to scream and forget what I just read. She creker a choice that I hugely respect and admire her for.