The Young Hitler I Knew has ratings and 34 reviews. Manny said: This book, published in by Adolf Hitler’s childhood friend August Kubizek, is fr. August Kubizek met Adolf Hitler in while they were both The Young Hitler I Knew tells the story of an extraordinary friendship, and gives. Read “The Young Hitler I Knew The Memoirs of Hitler’s Childhood Friend” by August Kubizek with Rakuten Kobo. August Kubizek met Adolf Hitler in while.

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In a certain sense ourfriendship itself existed in this happy atmosphere. We often talked about it. I can still visualise the humble apartment. The Young Hitler I Knew: I had nothing in common with his former classmate, I had nothing to do with the civil service rhe I lived entirely for art. I saw his point, but for me the essential thing was, not to improve my craftsmanship, but to advance my musical studies. Sometimes Adolf would try out his powers of oratory on me or on others.

He always knew what I needed and what I wanted. Consequently all my mother’s love was concentrated upon me.

There is no doubt that my friend Adolf had shown a giftfor oratory from his earliest youth. In any case, Auguts was very surprised at his opinions but refrained from asking, for the time being at least, hitoer further questions, because he seemed to be very sensitive about questions that did not suit him; that much I had already discovered.

It was the same when he was young. Of his early intimacy with Hitler, this book is the only record he has chosen to make. I told him how littie success I had had atschool myself. For a long time, however, there had been another influence in my life for which I would have ylung my soul: His firstteacher, Karl Mittermaier, gave him a report, “Full marks in every subject.


August Kubizek

Hitoer with art, school with its routine appeared grey and monotonous. We see Kuzibek’s self-defensive ignorance of all things “political,” his tendency to go along with Hitler on everything except for musiceven if he knew in his heart that Hitler was being demented and extremist. On the ground floor there was the workshop and, on the firstfloor our apartment, which consisted of two rooms and a kitchen.

The mother perpetuated his personality in every way, for with her malleable nature she had almost entirely lost her own, and what she thought, said and did was all in the spirit of the dead father. Without my telling him, he knew kew how I felt. No villain kubizei a novel can be two-dimensional and still be a good villain, and it’s important for history to remember that Hitler was a son and a friend. At the end of the younb, Kubizek is taken into custody by the allies.

I had to disappoint her, yet she did not blame me, for she must have felt that the reasons for Adolf’s behaviour were much too deep, far beyond the reach of my influence.

The Young Hitler I Knew by August Kubizek

There was nothing to disturb his contemplative mood. Selected pages Title Page.

He recognised Adolf as a former classmate, stopped, and grinning all over his face, called out, “Hello, Hitier! Kubizek was Hitler’s best friend for about four years, and they shared lodgings in Vienna for several months.


He had to do it all the more as he found littie pleasure in learning by heart, so much valued by his teachers.

Klara, who had continued living in the house during the time he was separated from his first wife, left on the second marriage and went to Vienna. I believe that this is a very important book: I expected Adolf to respond in the same friendly manner, as he always set great store teh correct and courteous behaviour. He never came kuubizek the end of his problems. The uniform of the customs official served as a cover for anything that may have gone on in the stormy sphere of his private life.

Fine w Fine DJ. As difficult as this is to do, it allows oneself to understand the complexity of character of people history has rightly labeled “evil. In Vienna, Augsut studies hard and excels in his music studies. Overall rating No ratings yet 0. The orchestra responded to his mighty voice. AtfirstI saw in his talk nothing more than nitler bragging, although Adolf’s bearing and his serious and assured manner of speaking did not strike me at all as thatof a braggart.

Used book in very good condition. What though the field be lost?

Hitler always the dominant, Kubizek the recessive partner. I did not become Chancellor of the Greater German Reich to fight wars.