Deity: Ayyappa > Shasta. Source: UnKnown Source. Stotram Type Dharma Shasta Sahasranama Stotram In Malayalam: Source 1: Deity: Ayyappa > Shasta. Source: UnKnown Source. Stotram Type Dharma Shasta Sahasranamavali In Malayalam: Source 1: | PDF . Lord Ayyappa is the son of Lord Shiva born to Lord Vishnu in his Mohini form. He was Asya Sri Harihara puthra Sahasranama stotra Maha manthrasya, Ardha He who likes the flowers of the heavenly plant(Nenmeni flower in Malayalam) .

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Most of the Ayyappas who had started their Deeksha during this Mandalam will be participating in the irumudi puja and Maala visarjana on this day. The rest of the Ayyappa-s would have gone to Sabarimala for darsan.

Read the VerticalResponse marketing policy. Ayyappa Bhajan Book in English. Secure your own copy of the version of the page Ayyappa Samaaj bhajan book with English transliterated version of tamil, telugu and malayalam songs. Thiruvabharanam – the Royal Ornaments of Lord Ayyappa. See calendar for more details. For additional information, please feel free to contact us via emailand make sure to provide a phone number where we can reach you.

Sri Ayyappa Sahasra Namam

We welcome articles for inclusion Ayyappa Samaaj newsletter. You may send links or articles to us for consideration at info ayhappa. More details about its activities can be found at its website – www.

Laksha, in Sanskrit, means one hundred thousand. By chanting the names of Lord Ayyappa in unison, all who participate will be concentrating on the same diety at the same time, thus creating a wonderful and powerful vibration. It will malayalaj us of attending the aarti to Ayyappa Swami where thousands unite to chant the Sarana mantra.

Come, join us at this incredible event.

Dharma Shasta Sahasranamavali –

Here are some very important details for the day. Please read and familiarize with it so that we can conduct the puja in the most efficient manner. Important notes regarding Laksha-archana event this Saturday: The Laksha-archana, starting with sankalpam, will start promptly at 4 PM sharp. Please arrive at the temple no later than 3: You can also do ayyqppa online using temple’s website.


Ayyappa sahasranamam malayalam song video & mp3 songs.

At the conclusion of the archana, abhishekam to Swami Ayyappa will be conducted using your dhravya. Please make sure to collect this prasadam before you leave for the dining area. There are a number of seva opportunities during this event where they can assist.

Please let us know if you will be bring a payasam for the Sastha Preethi. We can assist you in deciding what payasam to make. Also note, for your reference, Ayyappa Sahasranamam in various language scripts, in PDF format, are available at http: Dahasranamam version of sahasranamam is also available on the Ayyappa Samaaj website at http: Click on the forward link at the bottom of the email.

Maala dhaarana for children on December 17, As in past mandalam seasons Ayyappa Samaaj encourages children to wear maala and take deeksha. We will conduct maala-dhaarana for children on December 17 during the laksha-archana and Sastha preethi pooja. Please register your children for maala dhaarana at http: On this Saturday, we will also have malaylaam dhaarana for children as well as adults. All dhravyas needed for maala dhaarana veshti, maala etc.

Please arrive by 3: Irumudi puja, vazhi nada etc. Ayyappa Bhajans this coming weekend. Several bhajan sessions scheduled at various temples to give ayyxppa opportunity for all devotees to assemble and pray. Sahasrsnamam are the upcoming sessions: Saturday, December 17 4: During this Mandalam, so far we have had 34 devotees taking the deeksha and starting the vratam.

Most of them will be participating agyappa the Irumudi puja on December 25 at 9 AM. If you would like to wear the maala and take deeksha, please contact us right away.


Our guruswamis will help you during week days as well to start your vratam. Archana, abhishekam, alankaram, payasa-naivedyam, recitation malayaam Shasta-ashtotharam, Sahasra-namam, bhajan etc. Devotees from all over the area, including Ayyappa-s who have taken the deeksha, are invited to participate in the rituals and to have sadya maha prasadam.

Sri Ayyappa Sahasra Namam – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Through out the year, devotees look forward to attending this very energetic ritual ayappa an offering to Swami Ayyappa. Reciting the Ayyappa Sahasra-nama, in unison, creates such a powerful vibration that energizes all participants and creates a strong satwic environment and gets all one step closer to God-realization.

Read more about Bhakti, Bhajans Sahasranama here. Be an Ayyappa Samaaj volunteer! Ayyappa Samaaj is an all-volunteer organization serving Swami Ayyappa. We need help in coordinating the events and invites all to get involved and do seva. Signing up is easy. Show your interest here and you will be contacted shortly. sahastanamam

Ayyappa Bhajan Book in English Secure your own copy of the version of the page Ayyappa Samaaj bhajan book with English transliterated version of tamil, telugu and malayalam songs. Videos and slideshows from various events serving Swami Ayyappa. Click to view this email in a browser If you no longer wish to receive these emails, please reply to this message with “Unsubscribe” in the subject line or simply click on the following link: Click here to forward this email to a friend.