The Detachment (A John Rain Novel Book 7) and millions of other books are .. This item:The Detachment (John Rain Thrillers) by Barry Eisler Paperback. The Detachment. Barry Eisler. Thomas & Mercer (Amazon, dist.), $ trade paper (p) ISBN Thriller specialist Eisler (Inside Out, , etc.) combines characters from his two regular series in a muddled but mostly exciting tale of.

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Rain’s friend, Dox, really shines here. The Detachment is pages long divided over three parts and thirty-three chapters.


Said mission being nothing less than saving America from a plot to suspend the Constitution by sowing so much fear in the hearts of Americans that they’re willing to give up their freedoms for an illusion of safety.

Mitch Rapp this seemed more like Eisler wrote the book detachmeht make a point. Archived from the original on 23 April Inhe started writing full-time, when he sold the rights to his debut novel, Rain Fallthe first of his series featuring John Rain.

They however will have the reader turning pages to see how it all ends, as for me I read the entire book in one sitting on the day I received it. A colonel hires Rain and some other soldiers to assassinate political leaders to stave off a deep state coup. I met Barry Eisler at a Mystery Writers convention some years ago, but hadn’t read any of his books at the time. Read it and squirm.

I enjoyed it, even though it out of sequence with the R This is a major page turner for me, tough I saw plot twists coming a long way off. At one point Rain thinks, “I ever work with a team again, just kill me, and then had to stifle a crazy laugh b I love Eisler’s novels.


This is John Rain at his best; planning and executing operations across the US and in Europe and foiling others; and most detavhment of detaxhment, keeping this uneasy partnership together and alive.

The thought of false flag attacks on American soil, troubles me-it could happen. The book is well written and tautly plotted. While this book deserves the praise it gets, there are some points which cannot be overlooked, the biggest plot hole was the lack of a perceivable enemy and while the book does explain a lot in the end.

The hits are well done, I thought. After completing law school, Eisler joined the CIAwhere he trained for three years afterward and held a covert position with the Directorate of Operations.

The Detachment (John Rain, #7) by Barry Eisler

Jun 14, Glen rated it really liked it Shelves: The New York Times. Sep 19, Wanda rated it it was amazing. Paperbackpages. In “The Detachment,” Eisler brings together his four favorite anti-heroes in a book reminiscent of the Magnificent Seven – it’s not every day so many lethal folks join forces in an admittedly loose alliance. I enjoyed it, even though it out of sequence with the Rain series.

Rain’s attempt to elicit Larison’s humanity as Dox did for him was a highlight. There’s a lot of commentary that would be seen as pro-Trump in just a few years, but this was written well before While on the subject of details, it can safely said that the author did his research very well and all the minute facts add to the strength of the subject matter.

Justin Shier Reviewed by Mihir What follows is a great thrill ride that is guaranteed to keep any reader awake well into the night and perhaps for a good long time thereafter. I will definitely be picking up Book 8 in due course.


THE DETACHMENT by Barry Eisler | Kirkus Reviews

Simple enough, join John Rain in his voyage from assassin for hire to conscientious killer kill bad guys to wanting to get out of the business They are all lone wolfs who have to act as a team as they are given a bary amount to do so and are told to kill three people to foil a plot which aims to derail the America as we detachjent of it today.

Partnerships are not the norm for these operatives, but in “The Detachment” the partnership with Larison, Trevan, Dox and Rain is an entirely new experience for all of them. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on iesler talk page. Kudos to Eisler for weaving fiction and plausibility into a taut action thriller.

Does Eisler have an agenda?

IMO this is in the bottom 2 or 3 books of the series. The author has to be commended for writing such a dark character and yet eieler him seem human at the same time. Esler was born in New Jersey, [1] his father was a wholesale office supplier, and his mother an environmental activist. The book starts with a terrific premise and then rushes to give the reader an excellent thrill ride all the way. It was long overdo. I am patiently awaiting the next installment.