Baukammergesetz NRW (BauKaG NRW), DVO BauKG NRW, Satzung der Architektenkammer NRW, HOAI. Impressum: Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher gemäß § 6. Sie wird im Gesellschaftsverzeichnis der Architektenkammer NRW unter der Durchführungsverordnung zum Baukammergesetz (DVO BauKG NRW) Satzung . Baukammergesetz NRW (BauKaG NRW) / Durchführungs-verordnung zum Baukammergesetz (DVO BauKaG NRW) / Satzung der Architektenkammer NRW.

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Tönsbergrecht: Baukammergesetz NRW

Modernisierung eines Reihenendhaus aus den 30er bzw. Everything is upside-down inside the three-dimensional space of the trade fair stand.

Bricolages, sophisticated tricks and irritations shape their appearance in form and surface. On the outside the profile of the ceiling landscape constitutes the shape of the glazing and the roof, creating four interdependent facades. A suspended ceiling was not installed throughout the surgery, making the most of the floor to ceiling height to give a feeling of generous-sized space.

A Project of ANT, www. While the doctor mainly moves in the core area between the reception and the treatment rooms, the paths that the patients take flow around those central spaces. Der bauliche Eingriff aus Stahlbeton wurde in seiner Rohheit sichtbar belassen und ist klar ablesbar. However, according to Sec. Illegal contents will be removed immediately at the time we get knowledge of them.


Our client, a family of four, had outgrown their 74 sqm ground-floor apartment and needed more space for family life. They should therefore function as a free interpretation of the forms and connections of usage found. Every room has a different, archetypical roof shape — a tent, a barrel and a pent roof.

These splendid and disparate hybrid buildings in the urban periphery and their architectural implications — workshop or industry hall on ground level and living on top — tend to the needs of the working and living human being. Such contents will be removed immediately. Projectdescription 3 Link zu PDF. Umbau Reihenendhaus Wohnraumaktivierung und Strukturelle Sanierung.

An important aspect was the adaptability of the house to the family situation. The buildings we are interested in, serve as an idiosyncratic and honest answer to their surroundings and to the programmatic demands without insisting on an architectural and aesthetic form.

The overall space is structured by service volumes defining three different dining and meeting areas. Illegal contents were not detected at the time of the linking. Legal obligations to removing information or to blocking the use of information remain unchallenged. The old land-use plan from the s only required a developable site window and the integration into the surroundings.


The multifamily house from the s offered the potential for an addition on the garden side to the west.

Seating niches have been recessed into the walls in the patient waiting areas. Visitors find themselves above the roofs of the solar city; they gaze in wonderment into its depths. Im Wesentlichen gibt es drei Wohnungstypen: The client demanded, a passively heated house for the family — the parents and baujammergesetz children. Hervorgebracht von der spezifischen, ambi- valenten Situation, den Umgebungsbedingungen der Zwischenstadt.

Site Notice

Spatial and Programmatic overlays provide a generous feeling, various atmospheres and open spaces. Ein Projekt von ANT, www. Contents and compilations published on these websites by the providers are subject to German copyright laws.

An untreated concrete ceiling in nrs circumferential waiting area increases the contrast to the rooms that have been inserted. Site Notice Information provided according to Sec.

We thus can experience the urban agglomerations in a different way.