Secrets and Lies by BellaScotia (@Bellascotia1) ~ Complete. Summary: Bella once told a lie. A lie that cost her everything she ever wanted. BellaScotia is the author of Secrets and Lies ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews ). Anyway, Secrets and Lies is definitely going to bring out some interesting, possibly, angsty That probably came from a fanfic by BellaScotia.

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What kind of lie could you write about? I want to move on now.

I don’t want that, I don’t—”. I’m sorry for when I did it. Jacob shrugs and blushes a little. I didn’t have anyone to confide in.

Secrets and Lies Contest – Twi Fandom News

Driving through the town, it strikes me that nothing much has changed. Edward takes the opportunity to pull my back out of Jacob’s line of vision.

Edward’s steely glare is still on Carlisle, and I have to push him slightly to get him to move. I turn to face her again. I stop and check in the hall mirror that my face shows no signs of my crying fit, before I make my way down to rejoin Charlie.

Everything looks familiar and it’s like Forks has been in some kind of frozen time warp while the rest of the world moved on. I’m already irritated because I’ve left my cell phone at home, which necessitates standing in the middle of a busy corridor to make the call by payphone. Esme rubs Edward’s arm, gazing at him proudly. She insisted,” she says quietly.


Bellascotiia was in no mood for making small talk with a perfect stranger for several hours. My flight gets called, and as I hand over my ticket to the attendant, she beams at me and tells me to have a pleasant journey. His hand snakes up my torso and he tilts my chin back. I did value our friendship, but in Edward I’d found someone who understood me. I pass the diner where Charlie used to take me every Thursday religiously, and we’d eat the same thing and have the same conversation every time.

Rosalie is alone in the dining room. Do you want to know where I was? Sitting alone in the departure lounge surrounded by strangers, my mind starts to wander to the reason he has summoned me back to Forks.

In answer he presses his lips firmly to mine and slides his tongue into my mouth. In nine years we’ve never talked about Edward, but it has always been there, the weight of everything we weren’t saying was always heavy in the gaps between what we were saying. Being a pack rat, Charlie still has things in his closet that are older than I am, and it would never occur to him that a twenty-eight year old woman would have no use for an eighteen year old girl’s clothes.


secrefs He doesn’t need my pity. I revel in the feel of his arms around me and know that I really want these last few months with him.

He chases them bellasotia with water and then wipes his mouth. Even though it was me, I still feel sorry for that girl with the broken heart. It’ll make this so much easier, so just let me do this, and I’ll see you when I get to Forks!

*Fan Art* Secrets and Lies by @BellaScotia1

I knew this wouldn’t be plain sailing. Jacob looks at me and I nod. Bella once told a lie. He wnd acknowledged me when I sat down and that pleased me.