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FM02 help sound is horrible. After reading all the reviews here I thought this was going to be a good fm transmitter but currently it sounds 10 times worse than my moded tune cast. I really hope I’m doing something wrong. Here is my setup: Fm02 in metal enclosure Dipole antenna built out of romex ground wire according to the wikki specs. Pc power supply out of old computer 12′ rg58 datashwet made with bnc fitting from radio shack Station I’m using is Have replaced the audio cable twice now with no success.

Have tried 3 different audio devices. Have turned the volume way do and up and everywhere in between to see if maybe I was just over diving the audio. Progressively getting worse the further I drive of course. Even my denon surrond sound receiver has trouble staying locked onto the signal and it’s 25 ft away from the dipole antenna.

I don’t know if it’s a signal problem or sound problem as it won’t stay clear long enough for datazheet to tell.

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So stressed over this thing I want to trash it and go buy another belkin but with all the success you guys have had it makes me think I’m doing something wrong. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I will also say, I’m having some issues myself as well, but not from multiple devices. I try an ipod, and it works flawlessly with much better range than my old tunecast. My issues are sound quality coming from PC I think.

Try checking for continuity between legs of the antenna. Maybe it’s shorted and therefore not radiating properly? The problem is likely two-fold. For one, keep the volumne level down. The FM02 is pretty sensitive to that.

Secondly, lose the PC power supply. It’s a switching power supply and as such, is probably very, very noisy. Try the radio with a battery only and see if that makes a difference.

If it’s still noisy with a battery, then it’s a transmitter problem. If it works fine with the battery, then the ps is the problem. I’ve tried it with a PC power supply — horribly noisy. I use a wall wart with some extra caps just before the power goes to the radio. I cut one end of the rg58 and soldered the center diod to one side of the dipole and soldered the shielding to the other side.

I could be wrong here but I don’t think it’s a antenna problem because the rubber ducky test antenna does the same thing but in much shorter distances of course.

Should I run to radio shack and grab ferrit beads for everything? I mean with the dipole it picks up further than I need it too but sounds like crap.


It just seems there is no sweet spot in the volume. If I turn the pc volume down real low it gets more static in the truck and if I turn it up I get the shhhhhhhh at the end of every word. If your iPod is good, then I highly recommend this external sound card: Try Dirks battery test first, it could be getting noise from the PS.

A ferrite bead will help a little, but not enough to make a big difference. If the battery test eliminates the problem then use a different power supply.

Alright sorry it took a min, I had to run to my storage unit and get a battery but phewww that seemed to clean the sound up nicely so now I need to figure out what all I need to get for the wall wart. I work for comcast so I have a bunch of different wall warts. Can I use the one I used to have on my belkin?

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It was crystal clear with it but is only 8V mA. Oh I’m also still getting the shhhhhhhh at the end of some words but if I turn it down anymore then it would almost be muted. Can you post a picture of your dipole? Unfortunately datasneet wife has my digital camera in her car but it looks exactly like the one in dataasheet wikki. I used white 1″ Datasheett and followed the directions to a “T”.

I went ahead and hooked up the 8V power supply after reading another thread that said people have successfully got it working all the way down to 6V and since I knew the 8V supply was clean in the past I went ahead and hooked it up. It’s sounding better and better but still seems like it’s not great.

Maybe I’m expecting to much here. Oh and the volume is all the way down to Sorry so late on the pics but turns out the wife didn’t have my digital camera so I will have to use the camera phone until I can find it. I brought it inside and put it in an upstairs window because it started raining and became a pain to work outside anymore.

Crazy thing is that between the power supply swap and moving it upstairs my sound quality has improved considerably. I think I may just leave it in the window. This is what I use, get it all at radio shack, use a perf board, bend the component leads to each other and solder them to complete the circuit. Here is datashet website I pulled it from. Folks may have ‘tested’ it at 8v, but the unit is designed to perform at stated specifications at 12V.

Noise is almost always due to issues external to the FM These can be many. You need to adtasheet different cables and you need to have a ferrite bead on your cables.

Did you check out the datasheft for guidance? The specs are fine- remember that the amperage is the MAX the power supply can supply- the FM02 will only use the current it needs.

My guess from the dataheet is that is actually a small switching power supply which will be well regulated check datashet unloaded with your Multimeter- if it is within a volt or so of 12V then you are good to go. I am using something similar with great results. The down side to switchers is that some can have output “ripple” because of the switching technology.


That is solved with filter caps but in my case I did not need to filter as the output seems to be clean. I had a similar issue and I found it was 2 different problems. After this was in place, the sound is nice and clear. Is there a problem leaving the 8V power supply on it this season? I can’t afford to burn this thing up right now.

My show lights up tomorrow night. I don’t have any testers here to see what the unloaded voltage reading datasheeet. Can you take a picture of the dataxheet one you have and post it here? Failing that, here is what I would do if it were me.

Though datashwet think you shouldn’t use the 8V one, I sometimes take the “if it is working, leave it alone” strategy myself. If you put your location in your profile, maybe there is someone close to you that could help a fellow DIY’er out. If you get the results you want with 8v, then go ahead and use it! Thanks I went and got ferrite beads for all the cables today and the sound is much better now. Well scratch that, I get decent enough sound when it’s hooked up to my iPad but the min I hook it up to any computer in the house it sounds like crap again.

Just static like crazy! I dxtasheet ahead and switched it over to the 12v power supply as well with no change in sound quality.

This thing makes me so mad I want to punch a puppy! In order to save a puppy: It’s all I got — John. This can immediately rule out the signal itself, and let you focus on ground loops and the like.

If you don’t, and the statis is related to the volume of the signal, that changes the focus. Yes with the volume all the way down I still have static when it’s hooked up to one of my laptops. However if I unplug the 3. Also if I leave it hooked up to my iPad and stop music playback there is no static. I’ve got 3 laptops and all are having the same issue.

Arduino communication with bh

I’m bh1451 moving the big screen to hook bj1415 up to my home theater pc to see if it has static. Grrrrr I will post back once I have an answer. After having read all the posts in this thread, one thing stands out: Some people are trying the blame the antenna. That is probably the last thing in the pile to look at. From the description, the antenna was constructed per instructions and there is probably no reason to spend any more time on that problem.

The only thing that may affect it is the mounting and proximity to other objects. This can throw the resonant frequency off.