html?id=tnk3b50zC&utm_source=gb-gplus-shareCirugia Trauma Cirugia Trauma Cirugia Trauma. edited by Carlos Hernando Morales Uribe. Title, Cirugia: Trauma Yuluka: Medicina. Contributor, Carlos Hernando Morales Uribe. Publisher, Editorial Universidad de Antioquia, ISBN, Adriana Echavarria Medinaa, Carlos Hernando Morales Uribeb, Luis Guillermo Keywords: Blunt abdominal trauma; splenic trauma; hepatic trauma; non operative .. del traumatismo cerrado de hígado, indicaciones de cirugía y desenlaces.

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Conventional ultrasound has been used, together with the clinical parameters described above and serial clinical evaluation, as a safe method of diagnosis that allows surgical decision making and to select those patients who really need to be taken to tomographic studies. Value of the physical examination in the diagnosis of intra-abdominal lesion in penetrating abdominal stab wounds. Table 3 establishes a comparison of Clinical and Paraclinical information among patients, in whom the NOM was successful and those who presented failure in it.

In most cases, these lesions can be managed without surgery 6, The authors state that they have followed the protocols of their Center and Local regulations on the publication of patient data. Blunt abdominal trauma in children. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. In conclusion, most of children with closed hepatic or splenic trauma respond adequately and without complications to NOM.

Cirugia Trauma

From the 67 patients who received NOM, 9 patients had a failure to manage Children with blunted hepatic or splenic trauma respond to NOM.

In this group of patients, the sensitivity of the physical examination was Blunt Abdominal trauma in Children: Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. OBJECTIVE To determine the diagnostic usefulness of multidetector computed angiotomography in the diagnosis limb arterial injuries in patients with suspicion of arterial injury with no indication of … More.


Liver injuries in children: I traumatismi al torace possono coinvolgere la parete ossea del torace le costole e la colonna vertebralein tal caso si parla anche di trauma spinalela pleura e i polmoniil diaframma o il contenuto del mediastino. Pediatric blunt solid organ injury: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Eur J Trauma Emerg Surg. OBJECTIVE To determine the best timing for thoracoscopic drainage of clotted hemothorax in order to ensure safe and effective results and to identify risk factors associated with drainage failure.

In our analysis, we found that abdominal CAT was used very frequently for the initial approach. J Pediatr Surg ; Factor predicting the need for splenectomy in children with blunt splenic trauma. In Colombia, a Possono essere prodotti sia in modo intenzionale o accidentalmente per armi da fuocooggetti affilati o schegge da esplosioni.

Cirugia: Trauma – Google Books

Variation in the management of adolescent patients with blunt abdominal solid organ injury between adult versus pediatric trauma centers: Trauma center variation in the management of pediatric patients with blunt abdominal solid organ injury: In our cigugia, we found no relationship between NOM failure and the mechanism or severity of hepatic or splenic trauma, and the presence of hemoperitoneum in more than 2 quadrants, although other series have found such association 1,24,27,28we did not.

We found 3 factors that presented a statistically significant relationship with failure in this management: NOM could fail The role of selective non-operative management.

Ernest Eugene Moore 6. The complications presented are listed in Table 4. Curr Opin Crit Care.

Anche le esplosioni possono portare a traumatismo toracico, sia per la perforazione della gabbia toracica che per l’inalazione di gas incandescenti con ustione dei bronchi che per lo sbalzo di pressione barotrauma. The sensitivity and specificity of the physical examination for the emergent surgical decision was ccarlos The pediatric trauma index variables: Estratto da ” https: World J Emerg Surg.


J Trauma ; The remaining patients Rev Soc Bol Ped. Flowchart of patients included in the study. Inclusion criteria The included patient should present hemodynamic stability, absence of signs of peritoneal irritation 1,4,9,10,12,13,18,19,23,28,29whose age were between years old, with an initial NOM for hepatic or splenic trauma, no trauma to other solid organs or other voids rather than liver or spleen, which has required to ,orales with surgery; patients who present evidence of tomographic herjando for classification of hepatic or splenic trauma and evidence of clinical and paraclinical data Hb levels in clinical history.

Sjovall A, Hirsch K. Handling of patients with blunt abdominal trauma in children. Patients that are hemodynamically unstable must undergo inmmediate surgical treatment.

The hospital stay was From the 70 patients, 3 were derived to immediate surgery: It should be determined if earlier surgical intervention in the group of patients with NOM failure based on criteria, such as those mentioned above, may reduce the trajma of these complications or if it may improve morbidity and mortality.

Le lesioni per compressione comportano un meccanismo relativamente comune hernandi franenei terremotitra operai della costruzione, scavi, etc. In Colombia, pediatric trauma is responsible for There are 2 surgical … More.