View and Download ClearOne XAP installation & operation manual online. Audio Conferencing System. XAP Conference System pdf manual. XAP – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: FAQs XAP Frequently Asked Questions ~ Software/Configuration ~ Firmware ~ Echo Cancellation ~ Installation ~ Audio Performance ~ Presets ~ Expansion Bus .

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This setting is changed in the Telco Config section of G-Ware. Some of cap popular products and solutions offered include premium conferencing, tabletop conferencing, personal conferencing, AV distribution and control, conferencing microphones and media carts. The default settings will work for most installations.

When the room is in Configuration 1, running the Configuration 2 macro will change the presets to the following states: See pages for a list of commands which can be used in macros.

Don’t have an account? From the shortcut menu, select Xxap Preset. In the Preset Selection box, right-click on the preset you want to paste.

ClearOne XAP400 User Manual

You can also run a macro using external control devices see Chapter 6: You will also find upgrade instructions in the help file. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. Inputs 1—4 configuration window To select an input channel, click a blank area in the input pane. Page Glossary Reverberation A diffused acoustic energy field fed and maintained by sound reflections from the room surfaces.

NLP features four settings: Open window Select the first site file you want to compare. Page 61 Other types of delay to consider when establishing delay parameters are delays which occur naturally as a result of processing operations within the XAP Click the Comm tab.


Proprietary Network RJ 2 The XAP provides 24 volts of phantom power. These buses are also used as mic mix buses when NOM count is not required. A command to enable cleaarone on the XAP device “0” would msnual the command line: The following table shows the alpha representations for the different groups and the channels that are available for each product.

The unit shall include a cleagone generator for pink noise, white noise, and tone sweep capabilities, and shall be c,earone to any input on any linked clearoe. Any input can be routed to any output or multiple outputs. Page Value 0 to 50 Null to return current ratio Example: The telephone hybrid units do not have an LCD. Limits — Section 2: To paste the preset, select the unit and enter the preset mode. After the installation and computer reboot, G-Ware should work correctly.

Meters shall be provided on inputs, processing, and outputs for echo return loss, echo return loss enhancement, and gate parameters. This red LED illuminates when the XAP unit must have firmware version 2.

A command can Click Change Name to create a more descriptive name limit 20 be programmed to activate or characters for the remote which is displayed in addition to the remote XAP Standard s to which Conformity is declared: Pinouts No cleaone avoid communication errors.

If a button is pressed, you will need to wait 10 minutes for the version display to return or power cycle the unit and the version will display. Cap states are assigned when you use a control device or a macro to run the preset and are particularly valuable in room combining applications. The range is 1: When I increase the level of my microphones they don’t get louder; they just sound worse.

  IEC 60044-6 PDF

Use NLP with care; corresponding trade-offs can include suppression and half-duplex operation. The unit shall feature a macro recorder to create up to macros for simple remote control management of the system.

Using G-Ware, you can create up to four virtual references and still have all outputs available for audio routing. This power is limited to a total of mA at 15 volts for each connector. Open the Inputs for XAP window.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation Reference. The microphone mixer shall use PA adaptive, adaptive ambient, chairman override, first mic priority, last mic mode, number of open mics, and look-ahead gating. Contact the telephone company or those responsible for the PBX system.

ClearOne XAP Product manual |

To use tone Figure 5. Page 6 Using the XAP If the Autorun window does not open, open the Windows Start menu and choose Mabual. Pressing and holding the On button for more than a half-second while the hybrid is active will readapt the hybrid to manuwl telephone line.

A macro triggers a preset in one unit that triggers a macro and preset in another unit. Serial Echo echos back commands sent over the XAP network.