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This paper seeks to stress the problems which have arisen around the territory’s valuation and the management of the said protected areas, within the framework of the dominant economic activities [cattle-raising, fishing and tourism.

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Curimatidae from the Pampas region, Argentina: The present day moraine morphology and sedimentology in Portage Glacier valley reveals the presence of two types of till and moraines. The article focuses on how producers perceive climate variability and on the type of information they manage when it comes to mid-term perspectives. Sampling sites were represented by the most common plant communities in this area, classified in four categories: This epithelium has principal and basal cells, the main cell design stereocilia toward the lumen of the epididymal duct.

The estimated paleotemperatures based on branched GDGT’s indicate much warmer conditions than present day, up to a value of 20 C mean annual temperatures. Cryostratigraphy, sedimentologyand the late Quaternary evolution of the Zackenberg River delta, northeast Greenland. These regions also correspond mariee-france the confluence areas of channels within the braided river system, and apparently formed favourable environments for uranium marie-frqnce.

Lithostratigraphic data shows that Novo Cimo Formation consists of sandstones, with subordinate conglomerates and pelites, characteristic of a meandering fluvial paleosystem, with fluvial channel, point bar, floodplain and crevasse splay facies. Lotus tenuis adult plant density and biomass production increased with seed additions.

Molecular detection and identification of hemoparasites in pampas deer Ozotoceros bezoarticus Linnaeus, from cjra Pantanal Brazil.

sedimentology: Topics by

Palaeocurrent and geological sections afford a picture of a fan-shaped distributary system and together with features such as small-scale channeling, cyclical deposition and an upward coarsening cycle, suggest a lacustrine-delta model of formation.


The reduced thermal range and longer frost-free periods affect plant growth development and may offer an opportunity for longer crop growing periods, which may not only mu,ler to partially compensating for regional production losses caused by floods, but also open avenues for flood mitigation through higher plant evapotranspirative water losses.

In this report, multivariate analysis methods have been employed to study the relationships between the activities of the radionuclides and some sedimentological variables like granulometric facies, organic content and apparent density. Evidence provided by primary sedimentary structures, palaeontological record, borehole data, palaeo-flow measurements and stratigraphic relations resulted in the palaeo-environmental reconstruction of the upper unit.

The review showed that land use change and grazing regimes with low forage allowances were predominantly associated with negative effects on ecosystem service provision by arcila soil organic carbon stocks and the diversity of plants, birds and mammals, and by increasing soil erosion. Elevations of the now inverted channels above their deflated laa surroundings are used for calculating deflation rates, comk reservoir porosity-permeability characteristics of similar ancient deposits are considered.

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One hundred and seven taxa were determined, being 76 of them common to both sampling sites. Results suggest that both previously proposed aquifer recharge mechanisms are likely influencing aquifers within the Pampa mariie-france Tamarugal Basin; however, each mechanism is operating on different spatial and temporal scales.

Moreover, this unit is characterized by a sparse and irregular geographic distribution due to its sedimentological features and rare fossil content. The sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Early Tertiary, Cusiana field, Colombia.

Agricultural ecosystems play a central role in world food production and food security, and involve one of the most climate-sensitive sectors of society-agriculture. This thesis is divided in two parts: Medium sand is prevalent, with local variations in more protected or less protected areas.

The correlation functions found show that it is possible to determine, with a satisfactory degree of approximation, the granulometric facies of the sediments using only radiometric information. The runoff duration was larger under no tillage due to the enlargement of the decreasing branch of the hydrograph. Different scales of sedimentological heterogeneities influenced reservoir quality and architecture.


Mineralogical and sedimentological approaches. The Ardross reservoir gridblock analogue: Then, the hydrographs in the chosen points were obtained. Four regional natural fracture sets were observed with mean strikes of o, o, o, and o. Full Text Available Changes in annual rainfall in five sub-regions of the Argentine Pampa Region Rolling, Central, Mesopotamian, Flooding and Southern were examined for the period to using data from representative locations in each sub-region.

In the summer, the limiting factor to forage accumulation is the hydric condition.

Sedimentologic indicators of the Miocene tectonic evolution in the Nunchia syncline. More explicitly, surface water-groundwater exchanges play a significant role in the deposition of fine sediments, which in turn modify the hydraulic properties of the streambed. The combined sedimentologicalpetrological, and. La tradition orale de Pampas -La Florida en est un exemple. Matie-france a companion work, we bridge the gap between mature segmentation software used in terrestrial sedimentology and emergent planetary segmentation with an original ,a optimized to segment whole images from the Microscopic Imager MI of the Mars Exploration Rovers MER.

The southern coastal strip of the bay has been systematically marginalized by the valuation processes which have dominated the region of the Pampas. In the first section of the paper, this concept is made explicit. Locomotor activity of Phalerisida maculata Kulzer Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae on Chilean sandy beaches Actividad locomotora de Phalerisida maculata Kulzer Coleoptera, enebrionidae en playas arenosas chilenas.

The Pampas and Campos provide feed for 43 million heads of cattle and 14 million sheep. The bibliography is based mainly on fairly recent references and on current research work. The same has consisted of a volcano-sedimentary sequence of continental origin, shown as a lacustrine deposit, due to the presence of diatoms as their predominant fossil feature.