Drive south from Chulilla along the main road CV towards Sot de Chera. After passing the Balneario Spa, after c/a. 1 km there is very sharp dgr. turn. En la primera intentamos escalar a última hora en la pared principal de Más charreta, reencuentros con los amigos y también escalada. Mula and Leyva. Here you find routes up to 8b+. This site contains some guides:

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There is a ton of very good climbingsectors and crags you jusit have to figure out just by getting to know lokals. The canyon has many different orientations, making it possible to climb in the sun or in the shadow, depending on the season of the year.

This is burning hot and people use to go there in november-feb.

General information

Dos tomas de Pablo hiperconcentrado en la crosuis Festa do mandril. It is full of climbers talking about their day while drinking a beer and eating delicious pizzas and tapas! I would think it’s almost impossible to find a guidebook from there. Should be really warm, but being quite high, it’s defintly better than orihuela and redovan close to your stay. In the village, there is a bakery and some small grocery stores. Alfonso en el tramo duro de Verticalia asturies, 7c de casi 40 metros.

Datos ecalada Roberto Ver todo mi perfil. Sector Sex shop 1.

Sergi disfrutando por primera vez de las obras de arte del Candelabros del sol. Good clif for beginners 5a-5c close to Torrevieja. Sector Muro de las lamentaciones.


Sleeping in tents or making open fire is strictly forbidden. It’s up to m high, very well bolted and has multi-pitch and sportsclimbing on the lower end of difficulty. Grados, cifras y letras.

Dos tomas de Txiki, el nuevo local alicantino. Benito de Corme la bestia del bloque. The Murcia region has kinda shitty climbing possibilities so you definitely want to head for the crags near Alicante. Demostremos que estamos a la altura.

Topos | Chulilla Rock Climbing

Pedro de Gata 2. Since the lokals don’t like englishmen invading the crags they refuse to make guidebooks. Jose Luis Palao “El Primo”. Hora de ir catando los nuevos juguetes Sector Muro de las lamentaciones 1. Directions to Vallecito I can give by mail. This site contains some guides: Croquuis – Tick List.

Climbers are not the only ones who find interest in this magical place! Thankful for quick answers, Benny. Perfect for rest days!

Even though Chulilla is escqlada one of the best climbing sector of the country, the canyon still has a lot of unexploited potential and is in constant development.

Topic: Help: Climbing in Costa Blanca – Forums

By the way there is a climbing shop in murcia town. Login in to contribute. I’m going to live in Torrevieja and have car available. Seo probando un proyecto del sector placas de Vilano.

Marin and backside of Forada have good climbs on the easier end. Chulilla is also a good plan B when the bad weather hits other famous climbing areas of Spain such as Siurana, Margalef or Oliana because of its milder weather. Alfonso en la bloquera entrada de Rosmek.


Boulder en Costa da Morte. Neanderthal 9b by Jakob Schubert 1 Find the best winter climbing destinations 4 some problems using the website Be aware that during the high season, it becomes quickly fully booked and some climbers have to book accommodation in the villages nearby like Villar del Arzobispo chuilla Sot de Chera.

Climbing in Costa Blanca Login in to contribute Help: I guess we have to climb in early mornings and the evening warm? Alfonso en la parte superior de Rosmek. Mostrar 10 Mostrar todo.

You can also rent a flat in small groups to have more privacy. Alfonso saliendo chuliilla techito de Surgencia. Approach to the Oasis wall Chulilla.

The village and the canyon of Chulilla. There are many points of interest such as walking trails, hanging bridges, via ferratas, lakes and spa. In addition to the long sport climbing routes, there are some short multi-pitch routes for the more adventurous climbers. Es hora de hacer balance, examen de conciencia y dolor de las pecados.