Ghostwalk contains everything needed to run a stand-alone campaign in and around the city of Manifest, or to integrate it into an existing world, including rules . I bought Ghostwalk when it came out and fell in love, but I’ve never been able to convince any of my gaming groups to let me run it and. Ghostwalk is setting and rules book written by Monte Cook and I in The long-awaited update that brings the book up to D&D and includes the map of .

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You served in a local militia, training with weapons suitable The bola flail is a top-notch debuffing weapon. Especially with online games it’s a lot easier now to find people to play odd options like this. When you touch a living creature, you can make it Also, a few more Figurines of Wondrous Power.

Ghostwalk – 1d4chan

Below these are vast natural caverns and tunnels that increase in size and complexity surrounding the Veil of Souls. There’s just so many weird abilities and items.

At best, it’s free incorporeality for your entire party. I’ve always felt the Valicorn template might be useful for something, but it hasn’t come up yet. Most of the justification for having ghostly PCs of this type comes from the included cosmology and the associated method by which spirits enter the afterlife.

Then check out the LA-assignment thread!


I haven’t read through this section extensively, because I’m not planning on using it in my campaign. Here, the world of the living is shared equally with the deceased, who linger in physical form before finally passing through the Veil. This section is empty. The path to the Veil is the titular Ghostwalk. Beneath its sprawling congestion are a series of caves, ready-made for dungeon crawling. Someone is just going to have to knock me over the head with a skull-shaped mace then This is where it really comes into play.


Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. Beyond the Well of Souls, in what is known as the True Afterlife, the spirits of the dead live a hollow existence reminiscent of their past lives. Monday, 22nd December, Don’t hesitate to give feedback!

Who wants to play something different?

Choose one of your ghost touch attacks that deals hit You are one of the Sherezem-Lar, an elite group within Check out the Eidolon handbook for more info on ghostwa,k class. Not only is there a feeling of loss regarding the character, but also the player doesn’t have anything to do until a new character can be brought in.

If your campaign already has ghostwalm cosmology as mine does and explanations for how the soul enters the afterlife as mine doesyou’ll have to come up with your own justification for how ghostly PCs of this type can exist.

In other words, they aren’t undead. It wasn’t out when I first started playing and now that I’m dm for my first group in ten years I have a ton to catch up on. Once a simple camp established amidst the woods of the Elvish dead, known as the Spirit Wood, it has become a thriving metropolis built on the trade of the Ghostwalk. Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors.


Ghostwalk was too out-there for a Dnd setting to really dndd popular. Small islands float atop an endless sea, which plunge to unknown depths. Wednesday, 22nd November, Hence Manifest is home to adventurers as well as mourners dnnd the dead.

There are official published RAWs for playing all sorts of undead characters from skeletons through mummies and liches, including ghoststhey were introduced in an existing environment in a believable manner, and the rules involving them are balanced enough to allow those characters to interact with just about any other campaign world if the DM so desires.

You couldn’t simply add a ghost pc to an existing game – you really needed to start a new game to use the options in the book.

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It didn’t ghostwzlk well with existing stuff. This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Do not use URL shorteners. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Submit a new link. Check out our Getting Started Guide!

The New Ghoatwalk, Part 9: Your touch can maul the ectoplasm of another ghost. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It is possible that there is more recent 3.