I can watch live TV in DVBviewer using Hadu. and that I have to run HaduSer to see the status of the plugin when it’s used by the service. If anyone can give me a descripton of how to configure this I would be very grateful. 3 شباط (فبراير) How to watch encryption channel in Kodi (Add-on: DVBViewer Client) It will be three subfolder plugin have Hadu plugin with different server. I am using Hadu in my dvbdream plugin direcory. If you have figured out how to make cccam work with dvb card please could be kind to.

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Please report bugs or successful tests with a maximum of pieces of information concerning your configuration and your troubles. Flag to indicate the plugin to “survey” the changes in the PMT.

Hadu with DVBviewer recording sevice

Furthermore, when activated these features are displayed at the bottom of the “Server Infos” window, as for the build of the OSCAM server, -2 new features have been added: So, here are the main steps you may or may have not already done them: It plugim concerns all the Seca providers but could have a negative impact for all the others CAIDs dgbviewer.

In this case, the command to return DCWs to the application is modified i.

Both for returned DCWs and for negative answers i. Eventually, you may then modify them, according to your preferences you’ll have to stop and to restart your service in order to make them active. Possible error messages returned by the server are now displayed at the bottom at the Server Infos window, – “IgnoreProvFor” option added, to ignore the provider checks for one or several CAID.

  IEC 61967-2 PDF

However, you can always force it, using the “DescrCommand” option into the “[Device]” section of Hadu. I thought I’d tried everything but going though it again with your instructions I worked out that the problem realted to CCCam user accounts. After pplugin with the CCCam. Double-clicking on an server will display the “Server Infos” window see hereafter.

CAIDs and won’t be used. But you can still return to the former way i. If something is wrong within the main steps I’ve given as a sample, please evbviewer at which step you’ve got troubles, and which kind of troubles. But if you want to use them they have to be numbered seamlessly starting with 1.

MyPas sword, where -CCCam: Flag to decode all the Audio PIDs of the current channel, if more than one is present.

As I was using an old version of the DVBViewer recording service, I’ve just downloaded badu recent beta version, and the results are exactly the same as for the old one.

Flag to display some Pougin statistics in the Monitor window. Default is [5] seconds: The time displayed in the Monitor window is the local time computed from the computer system time if it’s within parenthesisor from the last UTC DVB time received if authorized and available. You can control this by looking at HaduSer.

How to watch encryption channel in Kodi (Add-on: DVBViewer Client) using DVBViewer Recoding Service

Entries are separated using a comma character. Be sure to use and to configure correctly your DVB application, in order it can deliver one TS at a time to its plugins i. Hi, I’m currently using hadu with the dvbviewer recording yadu.


If set, friends emus are also used if the server has authorized them for the user. As for Sssp, it’s always possible to change it using the “DescrCommand” option into the “[Device]” section of Hadu. Open howt is not necessery, cos you are only client.

HADU DVB Plugin Beta v – Cline DVB Plugin for Windows systems.

Second go to this Path C: And Hadu refuses it, too. I’ve read the readme file many times and can only guess that it must be written for an earlier version of the recording service. You can also find some infos for special DVB softwares i. Hadu will now stop and re-start the server session, after a few ECM answers howot having received this message.

Tuesday, February 3, Same as “Active” option in the main menu. Plugins like the net streaming plugin, which use the DVB-stream can be used.

Password for the user. Double-clicking on an CAID row i. Then comes the different parameters for the server. I won’t bore you with a list of everything I’ve tried at this point.