OSHA list of top 10 most cited safety violations for Need expert advice on the National Electrical Code? Try EC&M’s CodeWatch. Electrical Construction Maintenance Contact Us Page.

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The AS3 is ideal for Industry 4. Unfortunately, this is often a “missing step” in the design process.

When a structure has two or more services, install a plaque at each service location to show the location of the other service [ This separation maintains the integrity of your fault protection. Routing The routing requirements of service conductors differ from those of other conductors.

Please login with your email address. Service conductors include service-entrance conductors for overhead service drop and underground service lateral. You cannot connect equipment to the supply side of the service disconnect enclosure, except for the seven categories identified in Size your service-drop conductors per Article calculations. Please enable javascript in your browser and refresh this page.

Install the service disconnect at a readily accessible location outside the structure, or inside near the point of entry of the service conductors. When are they “outside” as opposed to “inside? Ideal applications include pumps, fans, compressors, centrifuges, conveyors, mixers, pump jacks, and crushers.


For more information about TIC, please visit www. Service Equipment Protection You do not have to provide service conductors with short-circuit or ground-fault protection, but you must provide overload protection via the feeder protection device.

A pushbutton that activates the electromagnetic coil of a shunt-trip circuit breaker is insufficient see Service-Entrance Conductors A service drop or lateral can supply only one set of service-entrance conductors, with three exceptions Javascript must be enabled to use this site’s downloads feature.

Size protection devices no smaller than percent of the continuous load. Size your service-entrance conductors per Article We use cookies to support this website, track usage on this website, to perform analytics and to perform promotional activities.

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Do you have a question? This rule does not prohibit the mixing of service, feeder, and branch-circuit conductors in the same service equipment enclosure. Service conductors are “outside” when they are installed: Download Registration Thanks for registering. The point of connection between the utility and the premises wiring. Ec&, with the AHJ for how far the disconnect can be from the entrance if inside or how far the disconnecting means can be from the structure if outside.

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To identify a service conductor, step back and see if you are dealing with a service or a load side distribution point.


To properly apply the installation requirements for service conductors and equipment, you must first define where your service entrance starts and ends.

Otherwise, the NEC applies. And you apply different rules, depending on whether a service conductor is inside or outside a structure.

AS3 Adjustable Speed Drive Recognized by EC&M Magazine as Motors & Drives Product of the Year

You cannot use trees as supports You may enter your filters below to locate manuals, brochures, software, drawings, and other important documents. Ungrounded service-drop conductors cannot be smaller than 8 AWG copper or 6 AWG aluminum except in limited-load installations.

Support service-entrance cable within 1 ft of service heads and raceway connections, and at intervals not exceeding 30 in.

You can install service conductors in one of 16 wiring methods enumerated in But, feeder conductors covered by Articles and originate on the load side of service equipment.

These include meters and tap conductors for certain purposes.