Epson Aculaser C Jam Mp E download at 2shared. Click on document Epson Aculaser C Jam Mp E. Book Descriptions: Epson Aculaser C Jam Mp E Countermeasure Pdf in Audio and Ebook Format. How it works: 1. Register a free 1. Information regarding a solution to the recurring problem of Paper Jams at MP E. Paper DOWNLOAD.

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For more information on how Epson treats your personal data, please read our Privacy Information Statement. Good paper handling practices will avoid most paper feed issues. This article addresses common causes of problems, as well as providing advice on resolving specific issues. The xculaser should be noted on your paper’s packaging.

If unsure, check with your supplier:. Labels must be loaded in the MP tray only and may need to be fed one sheet at a time, jp loaded manually. Using unsuitable paper settings may cause jams in your printer and, over time, damage it due to excess wear on the paper mechanisms.

This is a common cause of paper feed issues. If unsure, check with your supplier. Click Yes to accept this, and then OK to send your print job to the printer. Ensure that the printer is on a flat and level surface, cuontermeasure leave enough space for the paper to exit fully from the printer. Do not store paper in a humid or damp environment. Using paper that has become moist, wavy or is curling is likely to cause print quality aculased paper feed issues, or damage the printer.

Use fresh paper instead. A bad paper conutermeasure, for instance where too much paper has been fed through at once, may cause parts to become misaligned or damaged. If your rollers are in a different position, you can try to rotate them. Push on the central roller or outer sections to rotate them in a clockwise direction:. If you have ongoing paper feed issues you may get better results with a different type or brand of paper.

Use Epson media for best results. Always ensure that the paper you are using aculasr within specification see Step 1 – Supported Paper Types. Not signed in yet?

We respect your privacy. Your email address or other details will never be shared with any 3rd parties aculaseg you will receive only the type of content for which you signed up. You can unsubscribe at any time with a click on the link provided in every Epson newsletter.

If you would like to register as an Epson partner, please click here. Not yet an Sculaser partner? For more information and for registration, please click here. We use cookies on our website. By continuing to browse our website, you agree to our use of cookies.


For more information on how we use cookies and how to manage your preferences go to Cookie Information. Find a repair centre close. Aculaesr Us Submit your contact details below and an Epson expert will be in touch: For detailed advice on paper handling see your printer’s documentation: Supported paper types All paper, including labels, must be suitable for a laser printer or plain paper copier. All epsoh of paper must also be properly separated, non-perforated and free of tears and staples or other foreign objects.


Carbon, thermal or pressure-sensitive paper is NOT suitable. Recycled paper ham only be used under normal temperature and humidity conditions. Poor quality paper may reduce print quality, or cause paper jams and other problems. Ensure that you load the paper in an appropriate paper tray and use the correct print setting see ‘Using the Right Settings’. Epson laser paper is recommended to maximise the reliability and print performance of your printer.

We manufacture general purposecoated and transparent laser media. Paper must be within specification. Countermeasuree can find the full specifications for your printer in the Products section of the Epson website.

If unsure, check with your supplier: Envelopes Envelopes must not have plastic windows as these are liable to melt inside the printer. They should also not contain glue or countermeasude tape. All envelopes must be loaded printable side up in the MP tray: How to load envelopes Aculaser C pictured.

Envelopes may wrinkle as countermeadure pass through the printer. This is dependent on the quality of the paper, the printing environment and other factors. We recommend making a trial print run prior to embarking on a large print job. Labels Labels must be loaded in the MP tray only and may need to be fed one sheet at a time, or loaded manually. To prevent the label adhesive coming into contact with printer parts always use labels that completely cover the backing sheet, so that there are no gaps between the individual labels.

Press a sheet of normal paper on top of each sheet epeon labels. If the paper sticks, do not use those labels in countermeasyre printer as they will be liable to peel off inside it. It is important to use a Label or Thick setting to further reduce the risk of labels peeling off inside the printer see ‘Using the Right Settings’.

Labels may wrinkle as they pass through the printer. Establish the correct paper type and paper tray for the paper you are using, according to the following table: If you have an optional sheet lower paper cassette installed, ensure that you load the paper in the correct paper tray. Before sending the print job, set the paper type correctly in your application settings.


From within your document, click File or the Office buttonthen Printand then Properties: Click on the Paper Type drop-down menu, then click the correct paper type: You will receive the following prompt if the paper type you selected should only be fed from the MP Tray and the Paper Source was set to Auto Selection: Load paper with the printable side facing up.

Always load paper short-edge first, regardless of the orientation you are using portrait or landscape. Fan the paper before you load it to ensure that the sheets are separated.

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Fresh reams of paper may not be separated properly, and some types of paper are susceptible to static electricity. If sheets of paper stick together then the printer may feed through too many pages at once, which is likely to damage the printer.

Ensure that the paper tray paper guide is set to the correct size, and is holding the paper in place without pinching or bunching it: Do not overfill the paper tray s.

See your product’s Paper Jam Guide in the first instance for step-by-step diagrams demonstrating how to clear jams in each section. If the error has now cleared, try printing again. You can also test the printer by printing a Status Ckuntermeasure If the error does not clear, either there is still an obstruction or there is a problem with the printer. Open the MP Tray and remove aculawer the loaded paper. Referring to Figure 3 below, check aculzser position of the main paper pickup roller 1.

Ee the angle of the semi-circular white plastic guides 2 to either side of the central roller: Normal positions of the MP Tray pickup roller. Push on the central roller or outer sections to rotate them in a clockwise direction: Rotating the pickup roller.

Check thoroughly for any foreign objects, paper fragments or evidence of damaged parts. Check the black plastic flap at the base c11100 the section marked ‘1’ in Figure 5 below. It should be clipped into aculaseer sides of the 1c100, and you should be able to move the flap up and down: Cover E click the image for a larger version.

Close all the covers, and power off the printer. Wait 10 seconds, then power it on again. Load a single sheet of plain paper and test the printer by attempting to print a Status Sheet: If the error does not clear, or the printer jams even when printing a Status Sheetthen contact Epson as the printer may require a service.

The ADF unit is the grey paper tray located on the top of the scanner unit. Check the following points if it does not feed paper, or you receive an “ADF jam” error message: Check the position of the 1c100 document guide: Lift up the ADF unit.

The ADF document guide is a white, flexible plastic flap. Figure 8 below shows the correct 1 and incorrect 2 positions: Checking the document guide. If your document guide looks like example 2 on the right, lift it out on the right-hand side. Tuck it in behind the grey section, so that it matches the example on the left 1.

Close the scanner unit. Test the printer by scanning or faxing via the ADF unit.