VAT Delhi DVAT Quarterly Return Statement form in Excel format by Finotax which you can fill before print on your PC / Laptop. Free download. Form DVAT 01 – Application For Opting For Composition Scheme by a dealer Form DVAT 38 – Objection Form under Delhi Value Added Tax Act, DVAT Orde r: DVAT 51 Reconciliation Return 1st Quarter to 3rd Quarter of for furnishing of reconciliation return in Form DVAT; and.

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Remember Me Forgot Password? On 02 February On 04 February How flrm file EI form under form -9 on Dvat Form-9 is the Reconcilition Statement for Central Forms. Where the taxpayer has sought withdrawal from the composition scheme, I want to clear one more thing, This form 9 is for F. Filing ofrm reconciliation return for the year On 07 February Form BU 01 – Application Form for opting for Composition Scheme as notified exclusively for bullion dvar by Government under sub-section 12 of section What is purpose of filling Form 9.

Clandestine manufacture and removal – The case of revenue is that sinc Supply of Services or not? Restriction on Import of Peas from Because in some cases there are no certainty that form C will receive from parties.

On 08 December Dear Pooja, Commissioner requires data for the year and which is mandatory and which requires all c-form submitted to department or tax to be paid in respect for pending forms. Classification of the product – Hajmola Candy – the re-classification Articles Fogm new Article.


VAT Delhi DVAT 51 in Excel format

For the time being. Pursuant to the receipt of the assessment and firm notices, the Petitioner sent a letter dated 24th April to the VATO stating, that no show cause notice was issued to th Alternatively, you can log in using: TMI Search Consider putting the fom unique and important word here.

Form DM 02 – Intimation regarding withdrawal by a drugs and medicine dealer from Composition Scheme as notified by Government under sub-section 12 of section Can you please tell us if we have central sale at full tax paid should we need to fill this form?

Form DM 01 – Application Form for opting Composition by an eligible drugs and medicine dealer in respect of scheme as notified by Government under sub-section 12 of section Experts – Forum Experts fkrm Articles.

The dealers who have not made the sale as mentioned above need not file reconciliation return in Form 9. Refer to a Friend Contact Us Feedback.

Consider putting the most unique and important word here. Previous Thread Next Thread. Coercive action including threat of arrest against officials for recovery of alleged service tax dues – power and jurisdiction of DGCEI – it was submitted that, once the Petitioners admit that they collect the service tax, even on behalf of the hotels whose rooms are booked online, it is incumbent on the Petitioners to themselves deposit the entire service tax collected.

last date filing dvat 51

firm Form SS 01 – Statement of opening stock held on the first day of the period for which composition is to be opted. Is there any Penalty or legal action if Form 9 not submitted with in due date.


Form DVAT should be read as ‘made during the quarter’ and the last column of the fields 11 to 16 i. Goods and Service Tax F: We have Company owned Cars purchased about 5 Years b Form WC 02 – Application Form for withdrawing from Composition by a works contractor in respect of scheme as notified by Government under sub-section 12 of section Clarification on certain issues sale by government departments to unr Thank You Piyush for sharing information.

Dvat 51 & form 9 (cst)

Form SS 02 – Statement of opening stock held on the first day of the year from which composition is to be opted. Post Reply Post New Topic.

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On 28 February Registered members get a chance to interact at Forum, Ask Query, Comment etc. For the year andyou can file Form – 9 with the pending forms if any.

Dvat 51 & form 9 (cst) – VAT Forum

Your are not logged in. The language of Section 38 7 d now Piyush, Fogm want to clear one more thing, This form 9 is for F. Do u have any circular which clarifies the data to be required by commissioner and the purpose of require so.

Capital gain computation – reference to DVO – fair market value determ