Frelek, Ryszard. Overview . Historia zimnej wojny by Ryszard Frelek(Book) Audience level: (from for Subject: to for Dzieje dyp ). R. Frelek, Dzieje dyplomacji, Toruń Historia dyplomacji, t, Warszawa Historia polskiej dyplomacji, t, Warszawa G. Labuda, W. 1. , Dzieje dyplomacji, Toruń 2. B. Gracjan, Brewiarz dyplomatyczny, Warszawa 3. Dyplomacja, Łódż 4. Historia dyplomacji , t

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The scope of the discipline of international relations.

Frelek, Ryszard

The aim of the article is to define the extent and nature of the scope of dyplomacki discipline of international relations. It is our belief that this is the key factor determining its status as an academic discipline. The thesis formulated for the purpose of the article comes down to the statement that delimitation of the scope of the discipline of international relations is performed on the basis of an assumption on the level of ontology. Only on this basis can we formulate a further assumption, on the level of epistemology theory.

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Dzieje dyplomacji: Ryszard Frelek: : Books

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