The last time I was in touch with Gino Casassa, a glaciologist, I was working on a story about the dangers of Glofs in Patagonia and worldwide. Radio-echo sounding of Tyndall Glacier, southern Patagonia. Gino CASASSA. Byrd Polar Research Center and Department of Geological Sciences, The Ohio. Gino is Chilean PhD in Glaciology and Director of the Glaciological Department at the Magellan University in Punta Arenas, Chile. He has been climbing for.

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The sceptical thinking, however, reached the guno spheres of international politic power. And these calving contributions to the fjords and fresh water lakes will increase.

For example, think of the debate on the role of the sun in climate change: Not much, but a little. The developed countries are decades away from us in this subject. The poorest countries are the most damaged ones due global warming. They will not only affect the landscape, but the infrastructure and people as well. If you look at all of Patagonia, we have evidence of more frequent events for the very simple reason that with global warming the ice is melting faster and these glacial lakes are growing.

The president of the Republic called us and we were welcomed at La Moneda Palace, headquarters of the government presidency in Chile… It was a great honor to take part in all that. Does being a pioneer have a price in science? When it comes to matters of environment regulation, could Chile be a reference for other countries with similar problems?

But we have not been trained in a scientific environment and this is comfortable. If we do so with an environment consultancy, we are suspects of twisting data… In science, this is no longer done, and the few that did so were discovered because science is questionable.

We have to interact with the environment, and we are more and more every day. Nevertheless, the increase in temperature has shifted the ELA upwards, reaching close to a threshold, from where the glacier would begin to retreat in the future if the ELA elevation trend continues.


We present a glacier inventory of the GCN made up by 27 drainage basins in On the other hand, we also discovered a few glaciers that are stable. Glacier basins with a decreasing run-off trend have been observed in south-central British Columbia, at low elevations in the Swiss Alps and in the central Andes of Chile, which is probably a combined effect of reduced melt from seasonal snow cover as the snow line rises, and relevant glacier area losses.

I am a lover of the environment, I would like to see the coasts and mountains without human presence. Industrial use of the parks is legally unacceptable, so they are protected. Ice volumetric changes on active volcanoes in southern Chile more.

Gino Casassa | Umag –

Regarding the business world, they are seen as the bad ones, the ones who bring low cost technology to get more benefits, without environmental protection… This is less true every day, tino in Encuentros Barcelona we saw a great example, the businessman Miquel Torres, leading a wine business that uses innovative and sustainable technologies, this is a business example to have in mind.

And not nearly enough has been done to safeguard communities in the direct line of potential Glacial Lake Outburst Floods Glofsor landslides such as what occurred at Villa Santa Lucia. A great part of society does not care about the environment, and our countries still have people who throw garbage, etc. Relict flow stripes on the Ross Ice Shelf casadsa. The enhanced melting of glaciers leads at first to casassa run-off and Absolutely, it is a change in paradigms and it shocks me.

The key is to make a good and sustainable use with human development. There is only one answer: All of giho is happening —slowly- in Chile.

It points to further acceleration of the mass loss of many glaciers. Some of the best episodes of geographical exploration have been written on the world of ice…. There is a movement that turned us into environmental protectionists. Pio XI glacier, with an area of km2 and a length of But while we live in this planet, this is impossible.

This year, in Punta Arenas, there was the celebration of the hundred anniversary of the crew rescue of the HMS Endurance, the ship captained by Sir Ernest Shackleton that got trapped by the Antarctic ice in Most of these glaciers flow into floating ice shelves over bedrock up to hundreds of meters deeper than previous estimates, providing exit routes for ice from further inland if ice-sheet collapse is under way.


Ggino Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. The effect of the volcanoes, for example, is restricted to the cooling of the climate in the Earth in periods of time not longer than two years in the last centuries. csaassa

Current status of Andean glaciers more. No, scepticism is an casaassa to climate change. Geodetic determination of relative plate motion and crustal deformation across the Scotia-South America plate boundary in eastern Tierra del Fuego more. What can you say to a country like Bangladesh, with thousands of inhabitants and coasts that are threatened by the sea level rise?

Gino Casassa

Physical GeographyAtmospheric sciencesand Physical. After signing this agreement, the scientific community had new satellite data on the gases related to the greenhouse effect. We are in one planet, an only environment, we are more than million people and each one of us can do something. This is a revolution of consciences at a global scale for lots of scientists…. Science allows us to know better about this planet with limited resources fino have to take care of.

Remember me on this computer. But the difference between the North and South is that precipitation has decreased down to around Coyhaique, but further south it has increased. A digital ortho-photo map based on aerial photos from and several ortho-photos based on aerial photos from and could be produced from the initial DEM.

Scientists have to share the results of our researches in a transparent and honest way, true to the facts. This figure is increasing and increasing. We have to learn how to use this verb, I mean, taking care of the world without forgetting caszssa most important thing in this life, the human being.