Buy Letteratura italiana. Un metodo di studio by Gino Tellini (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Letteratura italiana. Un metodo di studio: Gino Tellini: Books – Professor of Italian Literature at the University of Florence, gave lectures, seminars and conferences in the University of Paris, Dijon, Poitiers, Chambery.

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Letteratura italiana. Un metodo di studio : Gino Tellini :

We will study aspects italianna structuralism, semiotics, deconstruction, hermeneutics, Marxism, psychoanalysis, feminism and cultural studies. Skip to main content. Courses offered in the past four years.

Society, Civil and Intellectual Life, Culture, Literature and Philosophy This course seeks to deepen our knowledge of the history, material life and civil culture in the main courts of the Italian Renaissance 16th C.

In this course students will be guided along an amusing journey to the discovery of parody, from Boccaccio to Umberto Eco. Joe Tamagni, Coordinator italianschool middlebury.

This course focuses on a selection of modes and vocabularies of critical theory within the context of the twentieth century, but applied itwliana the field of Italian studies. Tellini, Rifare il verso. A constant evolution of themes, characters and mythologies will be highlighted through these ten works, providing an intricate description of the culture and society between the age of Romanticism and the Avant-garde in Italy.


Letteratura italiana. Un metodo di studio

Dal Postmoderno al Nuovo realismo: Mondadori “Oscar saggi”, pp. We will examine the historical, economic and cultural italaina that spawned and stimulated the new art forms that spread from Florence throughout Italy and Europe. ISBN 88 00 The Parody in Italian Literature Parody is transgression and mockery according to codified norms, but it is also a playful and humorous rewriting of major texts, which, as one knows, is a serious matter.

In addition to literary Machiavelli, Ariosto, Michelangelo, Guicciardini, Tasso and philosophical Renaissance, anti-Renaissance, idealism, anti-idealism production at these courts, this course will explore the role of intellectuals and the conditions of civil life experienced by different social classes. Site Editor Log On.

Additional reading materials will be provided by the instructor. La parodia nella letteratura italianaMilano: Lectures will be supplemented by historical, scientific and literary readings and will follow a chronological order, focusing on specific issues such as Platonism and Aristotelianism, the art of portraiture, sculpture, dynamism and expressionism, spirituality and eroticism.

It invites broadening the horizon, bringing in fresh air, in other words: Coordinator of the Graduate School of Italian Studies at the University of Florence and Director of the Centre of Studies “Aldo Palazzeschi”, is the author of monographs, essays, chapters of literary history, as well as manuals.

Tellini, Gino () – People and organisations – Trove

Even if play is not part of the academic curriculum there are entire chapters of Italian literature dedicated to parody, written as a countermelody to the prevailing models. The major authors of the three arts?


Particular attention will be given to epic novels by Matteo Maria Boiardo Orlando innamorato and Ludovico Ariosto Orlando furiosoitalaina to the evolution in epic structure of Torquato Tasso’s Gerusalemme Liberata. Therefore it proposes to examine the Renaissance from a complex vantage point in order to shed light on its multiple manifestations — from artistic breakthroughs to the realities of social unrest, which might be described as anthropological in nature.

Tellini, Gino (1946-)

The course aims to illustrate the panorama of Italian literature today, from the so-called “reflusso” and the turn to Postmodernism in the eighties and nineties which marked letteraturq absolute primacy of hermeneutics, to the current trend of New Realism, which has presented in the last decade signs of a new approach to reality, of a return to the search trllini an absolute truth which springs from strong ethical foundations.

The course will study the poetry of chivalry in Italy between the fifteenth and sixteenth. The Revolution of Renaissance: