The latest addition to my website is Jean Giono’s Regain (Harvest; later: Second Harvest). This is one of the classic 20th century French novels. Regain (Le Livre De Poche) (French Edition) [Jean Giono, Anne-Marie Marina- Mediavilla] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. pages. Regain [Jean Giono] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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You might miss the exact details of a single tiger’s stripes, but there will be no mistaking that you’ve seen a tiger; and even if you are a Martian and have never seen a tiger, you shall know its fearful symmetry – you will not confuse a tiger for a zebra. The path was ginoo more than a tiny rill, dried up to the bone.

Toutefois, c’est juste pas trop mon type de roman. He spent the majority of his life in ManosqueAlpes-de-Haute-Provence. Perhaps that was Giono’s intent. They take what they want. Reagin passed over, only ten metres up, unfeeling and powerful Not to mention – a woman who has been gang-raped and then exploited for work, it just didn’t ring true that she would join Panturle so easily.

Trilogie de Pan 3. Not unlike Edward Dahlberg. They began to see a slight strip of sky between the grass and it.

He ultimately set it aside, no doubt considering regakn too derivative, and moved on to the other projects it gave rise to. Jul 07, Delenn rated it really liked it.

I want to run my fingers through the round golden grains of Panturle’s harvest. It touches and teaches about life, about living, about relationships, everything, simply by showing.

Regain by Jean Giono

Harvest I love Giono! Lists with This Book. The novel is beautifully translated from French, bringing out intelligent, poignant prose of a man tied to the land,adamantly staying put just when everyone desserts the village. The other novels Giono published during the nineteen-thirties on the whole continued in the same vein, set in Provence, with peasants as protagonists, and displaying a pantheistic view of nature.


However, it’s written in Giono’s deliriously lyrical e If all books were to be destroyed and I had the ability to save just one, this is the one I would save. Qui aurait cru que j’aimerais un classique? Not far from the village of Aubignane is a 40 mile long plateau, higher than the surrounding countryside.

Jean Giono – Wikipedia

Other books in the series. Books by Jean Giono. Jean Giono 30 March — 8 October was a French author who wrote works of fiction mostly set in the Provence region of France. Il ne s’y passe rien, ou presque et pourtant on aime le rythme, la nature, le verbe. He remained tied to Provence and Manosque, the little city where he was born in and, indied.

Chronique de la renaissance d’un village perdu au revain de la Haute-Provence. I might have liked it more if it wasn’t so glib about the latter.

No trivia or quizzes yet. That this deserted village is the seed of civilization and rebirth. It didn’t work for me. To ask other readers questions about Regainplease sign up. The Collapse of France. Inwhen France was liberatedGiono was again accused of collaboration with the Nazis, and again imprisoned for five months before he was freed without charges ever being made.

It’s also truly time traveling back to a place that had thrived, became barren, and was made to thrive again through the hard work of simple daily living. I remember when I was in my early 20s, regwin around NYC starving and broke, I came across a set of Giono’s books in a used bookstore.


My favorite part was about the plateau. Together they replenish t Earth, peasants, melancholy ergain loneliness but joy and getting back to the land. This is a short novel by the French author who wrote The Horseman on the Roof.

As far as the eye could percieve, it was like a great sea, darkened by a surge of juniper shrubs.

Jean Giono

I’ve read 3 of his books now, and only liked 1, but I know I will be reading more. It was during this period of ostracism that he began in to write Angelometaphorically the laboratory in which he experimented, tested and attempted to integrate his new approach to his work.

Aug 24, Jackie rated it liked it Shelves: The warmth of the earth stole up into your loins; the grass was all round like a warm, sheltering sheepskin. Return to Book Page. He also adopted the Stendhalian narrative technique of letting the reader into the experience of the revain by means of the interior monologueguono the dominant technique of his earlier novels had been that of the omniscient narrator. The transparent brim of the sky rested all round on the grass And thus, low as it was, it came on.

Just on the outskirts of the wood the great, grassy solitude began. Nov 20, Lara Sappa rated it it was amazing.