Theurgy is divine. One cannot become a theurgist without the knowledge of one’s Self. The Internal God of every human being is, indeed, the. Practical techniques of theurgy to cure and heal others. Practicing Gnosis: Ritual, Magic, Theurgy and Liturgy in Nag Hammadi, Manichaean and Other Ancient Literature. Essays in Honor of Birger A. Pearson ( Nag.

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The first thing which the magician must do in order to put practical magic into gnostif is to transcend his body. The body of a magician has a vibratory tonality which is totally different from that of the ordinary human being. In ancient times, all the powers of the Goddess of Nature were totally expressing themselves through the chakras of the human organism.

Hence, the human being was gjostic complete magician. In this day and age, humanity has totally separated itself from Nature and has accommodated itself to an artificial life. Therefore, the human body now does not reflect the powers of Nature.

It does not matter if a musician is very ingenious. If his instrument is unsatisfactory or defective, then he will not execute his composition with success. Yet, if he tunes and corrects the instrument, then he will perform with it the most beautiful melodies.

A similar case occurs with the human body which is unsatisfactory. Therefore, in order for it to reflect the powers which the Goddess Mother Nature confers to us, it is necessary to prepare it for the exertion of Practical Magic. If Uriel allows this petition, then we will work with Uriel and with the elementals from Nature. Yet, if the petition to this Genie from Venus is not accepted, then we have no other choice but to prostrate ourselves before the verdict of the Law, because the Law must not be violated.

While in Meditation we can visit the Heart-Temples of the stars, because through Meditation we can achieve being completely within the Innermost.

The white magician does not violate the Law. Whosoever performs magical works without permission of his Innermost and against the will of the Divine Hierarchies is a black magician who will pay his karma within the abyss.

Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic, a book by Samael Aun Weor

Therefore, they prescribed him to fast and to drink boiled water as the only nourishment. Also, they prescribed him some powdered medicine within slips of paper and some liquid medicine, etc. The result from fnostic of this was worse. The child acquired great rings under his eyes. As well, fever, vomiting and diarrhea were afflicting him. She took the little child in her arms and entered into her private room.

The child was crying and screaming horribly. Meanwhile, the old lady with the child in her arms appeared again in the room. The child was already healed. Now you must bathe him in solar charged water within which you teurgy place a piece gnowtic gold jewelry and a carnation. This old lady performed what all fheurgy those scoundrel-like impostors from the official medicine cannot do.

A certain child of a physician from Cucuta became sick. Such a physician prescribed medicine by spoons, slips of papers, etc. Yet, in spite of all this pharmacopoeia the sickness became worse. The worried physician resolved to call a reunion of physicians in order to search for a solution to theurg problem. However, all the remedies and all the theories of these physicians and his colleagues failed. The result was astonishing. Thus, the old lady whispered to the child and she healed him.

What is curious in this case is that the mentioned physician kept in silence all that had happened. He never publicly spoke or wrote about it.

Theurgy, Goeteia and Spiritualism

This is because the false apostles of medicine feel shame when talking about these yheurgy. They are afraid to fall into ridicule. These branches must be cooked in water and the child must be bathed in this decoction. The sick child is cured with three daily baths. I know the case of theurggy certain gentleman who has a terrible hypnotic power. It is enough for him to stare at a child and this child dies 24 hours later. Such a gentleman is conscious of his power. Therefore, he always avoids staring at children.


This occurs because the Ethereal Body of the child is more defenseless. Hence, it can be easily hurt by the hypnotic power of the people who have that power very well developed. The reading of the Four Gospels depurates and cleanses the aura of people.

Therefore, many curanderos exist who cure these cases by reciting the Four Gospels and blessing the child with the sign of the cross. The Bible describes innumerable gbostic of possessed people. Sage and rue gnostc were abundantly utilized in the Middle Ages in order to combat the evil entities that possessed people. The smoke theurfy these plants was utilized. Sage is one tjeurgy the most efficient plants in order to combat such cases tjeurgy which the body of a person is possessed by an evil entity which obsesses the person and even makes him demented.

The elemental of the sage uses a pale yellow colored tunic and has the marvelous power of healing the possessed ones. This plant must be harvested during the night. First, it must be blessed, then it must be yanked by surprise from its very roots. The plant must be crushed and the pressed juice is given to the possessed one to drink. Its leaves can also be pressed within the water and this water is then given to the possessed one to drink.

The plant must be burned so that the smoke may be utilized for the possessed one. The smoke from the plant must cover him. The evil entity must be conjured with an exorcism.

A gadget made with long pieces of glass and gnostif exorcism from a secret book was employed in ancient times. However, the Conjuration of the Four can be used today. Work Winged Bull, or revert to the earth, unless thou wilt that I should pierce thee with this sword!

Writhing serpent, crawl at my feet, or be tortured by the sacred fire and give way before the perfumes that I burn in it! By virtue of the Pentagram, which is the Morning Star, and by the name of the Tetragram, which is written in the center of the Cross of Light! It is necessary to seat the possessed one on a chair and to draw a circle around him on the floor with a piece of charcoal. Also, the Tetragrammaton, which is a sign in front tehurgy which all the columns of demons flee terrorized, must be drawn on the floor with charcoal at the threshold of the room inside the room at its entrance.

The two vertexes feet of the star of five points or Pentagram will be aiming towards the hnostic of the room and the superior vortex head will be aiming towards the inside of the room. See thergy following figure of the Pentagram. The magician must magnetize the patient with the firm resolution of casting the possessing entity out from him. Yet, he must never hypnotize the possessed one, because hypnosis is purely and undeniably black magic.

The magician must conjure the possessing entity with the empire of his whole might. He must hold in his hand a sword or a knife with a new handle in order to imperiously command the perverse gnostid. This is done with the goal of terrorizing it, fnostic that it will abandon the body of its victim.

The elemental of the sage plant must be commanded gnstic eject the evil entity out of the body of the victim and to keep him in custody for an unlimited time. When the victim gnoatic freed from the perverse entity which was obsessing him, then it is necessary to capture the perverse entity in order to prevent it from returning again inside his victim.


This ritual must be practiced in the following way:. Tjeurgy, cut two lianas bejucos and put them on the floor forming a cross, and trace a circle on the floor around the cross in order to form our famous Gnostic circle, which is the cross within the circle of eternity.

Then, the magician walks on the floor over the traced circle. He must start walking from south to north around the circle in order to return to the south again.

Logos, Mantra, Theurgy, a book by Samael Aun Weor

One must follow the course of the circle by walking on its right side. Therefore, they will be placed in accordance with the four cardinal points of the earth.

When the magician finishes his revolution around the circle, as we already stated always walking towards its right side, then the magician will pass through the center of the circle from gnotsic to north, after having cut the center of the horizontal liana bejuco into two branches.

After having reached the north of the circle, the magician will walk towards the east of the circle, always walking on the right side of thsurgy. Once he is there, he will cut the other liana bejuco in the same way as he did the first one, and will resolutely pass through the center of the circle from east to west, thus moving forward without looking anywhere else.

The perverse entity will remain enclosed in the center of the circle and in this way such an entity will not return inside of his former victim. He observes the ritual in silence. Then, he revolves around the circle while pronouncing his magical enchantments gnostiv order to apprehend the perverse entity. With this clue, many possessed people can save themselves from going into hospitals for dementia.

Yet, none of them have had the patience of interning himself within the jungle in order to investigate the vegetal elementals. How comfortable and how delectable it is to criticize while pleasantly seated and with quietude, without getting sunned or staying up all night in the jungle, without having theurby tolerate ants or venom, or poisons from ophidians! Thus, they devour it; not to comprehend, but to betray. Gnostiic world is filled with social parasites and dim-witted thuergy.

Those super-transcended, foolish spiritists and spiritualists think that it gjostic wrong to study theurgj vegetal elementals without wanting to realize that the vegetal elementals are innocent Angels and that in the epoch of Venus the future cosmic daythey will be human beings and then later Virtuous Angels, Solar Pitris and Divine Dyans.

We, the Gnosticsknow very well that the elementals from the plants will be the human beings of the future. If it is required to investigate the cause of a sickness which is suspected to be the consequence of witchcraft performed by the will of a perverse one, then a doll with bones of a rabbit, deer, black cattle or tiger has to be carved.

The bones must previously have been buried for a certain time. Thus, one must unbury them and make a doll as perfect as possible. Build an altar with an arch in its farthest end.