de guides composteurs (référents bénévoles des sites de compostage) qui . prototype de plateforme de vermicompostage équipée de systèmes de filtres et. Typologie des candidats aux formations de maître ou guide .. englobent le lombricompostage (on dira plutôt vermicompostage en Belgique) pour les habitats. ABSTRACT – Journal of Composting Science and Utilization, Earthworm digested wastes (vermicompost) are being produced in increasing quantities to.

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I can still go on holiday?

In short, everything which is organic, except the products of animal origin meat and cheesegarlic dewormeronions and citrus, too acidic for your worms lemon, orange, grapefruit.

Harvest and use of fertilizers.


If you vermicompoostage unable to free you, we offer the “Relay package” option, which allows flexibility to look your parcel not far from home. Worms love hemp and flax fibers that make it up and it will be eaten in 2 months approximately.

You can contact us by email by clicking here. Join us to share our experiences! In nature, this prevents them from drowning. I start my 1st bin. At each watering, nutrients from your Vermicompost are drained into the ground. As a result, Vermicompost harvested in the lower tray contains usually more many worms. It is best, if you pratisue it in your backyard, him back indoors in periods of cold so that the worms continue to treat your waste.

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The word vermicomposting est un faux-ami, si vous savez trouver des lombrics dans votre jardin, pas la peine de les placer dans votre lombricomposteur! However, it may be some verses like it, wouldn’t want to “lose”. PIN It on Pinterest. Various microorganisms working ptatique your waste, they promote the decomposition of organic matter and you don’t need to remove them.


Ici la Foire aux Questions !

He s can absorb them all up to g of organic waste! Yes, I agree No, I do not accept Learn more. Thanks to its outstanding qualities you will quickly notice the good health of your plants! Ideal for the health of the flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables from gardens or crops potted. Our lombricomposteurs is portable, you can also bring back them to a warmer gukde. It protects also from the cold in winter and light.

Ask yourself many questions verkicompostage your bin and our friends the worms?

The worms reproduce quickly, but they have wisdom to regulate their number according to their space and their vermicompostwge.

The number associated with the package is the amount of worms see Q You should also avoid litters of domestic animals. Also avoid very acidic food such as citrus oranges, etc or onions in large quantities. What is the liquid obtained The worms? Composting is practiced in Garden exclusively.

How should I use the liquid? Our lombricomposteurs include edges inside trays, wait until the top of the ridge is exceeded by 3 cm before asking the next plateau. Added to the free compost, this is real savings, and my neighbors can also enjoy!

Of course it is an indoor ‘sensitive’ in the same way as a classroom, a shopand you will need to take simple steps to avoid the appearance of gnats. Why does cover the worms?

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Solid and liquid fertilizer produced by your City Worms is a fertilizer of premium quality: We program with you the delivery of your order upon receipt of your payment vermiclmpostage we will then deliver you within a maximum of 15 days. The resulting Vermicompost is stable and directly assimilable vermicomposatge plants and very yuide.


If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you accept the use of cookies. Vermicomposting is a natural process, called bio-oxidation, stabilization of organic matter, under the combined action of microorganisms and worms. Vermicomposting is a method known as ‘cold’ because there is no rise in temperature which does nothing the elimination of pathogens, as well as in conventional composting.

But if you let your worms outside all year, better is worth to provide them a roof to protect them from the rain: If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you accept the use of cookies.

vermicompostzge Available for the countries of the European Union. Our little friends who leave veemicompostage us on Tuesday evening, for example, will join you home Wednesday before The empty boxes of your kitchen is enough! Si vous mangez bien, ils mangent bien aussi! Kitchen, balcony, cellar, storeroom, laundry room, apartment, House, porch, Garden protected from the Sun.

Anti-odeur — Anti-fuite de vers — Anti-fuite de liquide — Anti-insectes: The worms are attracted to waste in the higher plateaux.