Download iFilters for Document Locator and other platforms like Adobe PDF, Sharepoint, Office & Windows Tiff, Foxit. Improvements to iFilter in Acrobat and Reader 8 include support for Vista and Windows Desktop Search, as well as improved performance and stability. If you are an SQL Server administrator you can install iFilters that allow documents of a set type to iFilters might already be installed for Microsoft Office

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Foxit’s PDF IFilter provides super-fast indexing allowing users to index a large amount of PDF documents and then quickly find desired documents by specifying search criteria. This results in more precise search results. PDF documents can be rapidly searched on the desktop, a corporate server, or via the Web through keywords.

These PDF documents can be files, email attachments, or database records. PDF IFilter is designed to unleash the computing power of today’s advanced server architectures to perform crawls at blazing speeds. Unlike other IFilter products, it takes full advantage of today’s multi-core server architectures, is thread safe, and is available for both ifiter and bit operating systems – making it the absolutely fastest PDF IFilter available.


PDF IFilter’s superior performance and scalability reduce customers’ total cost of ownership through decreased costs of server hardware, data center floor space, power and cooling, and administration. The user interface for searching the documents may be Windows Explorer, ifilterr web browser, database frontend, query script, or a custom application.


A search engine usually works in two steps:. During step 1, the search engine itself doesn’t understand the format of a PDF document. Since the PDF IFilter understands PDF format, it filters out embedded formatting, extracts text from the documents, and then returns the text back to the search engine.

As an alternative to interactive searches, queries can also be submitted programmatically without any user interface on the following Windows operating systems:. Select the version that matches your system requirements. For the installation instructions with ifiler search engines, please refer to their respective user manuals https: Since Foxit PDF IFilter acts as a plug-in for various search engines, it is the search engine that is responsible for interpreting the returned text and then presenting the information to the user.


The installation package will unzip a language file called fpdfcjk. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best possible experience and to optimize the website to best fit the needs of our visitors. By using this website, you automatically agree to the use of cookies.

For detailed information on the use of cookies on this gr, please see our Privacy Policy. Reduces Customers Total Cost of Ownership PDF IFilter’s superior performance and scalability reduce customers’ total cost of ownership through decreased costs of server hardware, data center floor space, power and cooling, and administration.


Free Trial Download Buy Now. A search engine usually ifiltre in two steps: The search engine goes through a designated place a file folder or a databaseindexes all documents or newly modified documents including PDF documentsand then stores indexing results in an internal database. Users specify keywords they would like to search, the search engine looks up the indexing results in the internal database, and then responding to users with all the documents that contain the specified keywords.

Foxit PDF IFilter

Optimized index capability Super-fast indexing allows users to search more documents in less time. Support the PDF documents that you currently have. Configuration settings and logging support Enhance the user experience and notify developers should an error occur. A bit version Increased performance – takes advantage of leading server architectures.

Multi-language support – including kfilter languages Support your worldwide user base. Files per second 5. Stop the IIS Admin service: Stop and start the SharePoint Search Service by running the following commands: Indexing of PDF portfolios.

iFilter / OCR Resources

Indexing of PDF documents in ifiltter that are right-to-left. Product White Paper Data Sheet. All items in the item list of List Box and part of items in the item list of Combo Box.