Immortality, the novel is speculative fiction. Present day and life as we know it has just taken a quick left turn. Evolution is operating in ways no one could have. Immortality has been a best-selling techno-thriller on the Amazon Kindle since January ! Publisher’s Weekly STARRED FULL review: When. Sarah Mayfield, a young rookie cop, is plagued by dreams and a sense that some horror is just around the corner. Nobel winning molecular.

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I am Kevin Bohacz a 1 bestselling techno-thriller novelist and prolific lucid dreamer… Welcome to my dreams. I have been awarded starred reviews for my novels from Publishers Weekly as well as high praise from many other book review publications.

Want Immortality?

I am also a writer for national computer magazines, founder and president of two immortalitu technology corporations, a scientist and engineer for over 35 years, and the inventor of an advanced electric car system. All of those careers and more are behind me now that I am a full time storyteller, a catcher of dreams. Thank you for reading my stories and making this all possible.

I have lived more than one life during this one life and awoken into many before… I have truly led an epic life. I am the luckiest man alive and have had two great loves… two great chapters… My first wife Mazelle and my second wife Dana.

I love them both with all my heart.


Profile – Kevin Bohacz – The Authors Guild

Here is a biography written by my first wife, Mazelle, my best friend, my guardian angle who I lost at far too young an age to pancreatic cancer…. By kindergarten, he was taking robots apart and building them into other creations. Engineered with a large box, electric motors mounted on the front, big tape wheels mounted on electric motors so they would spin and the tape would keviin, tons of little flashing computer lights, and a tape loop with computer sounds on it, his computer would allow his patrons a.

Thus are the humble but extraordinarily resourceful and creative beginnings of Kevin Bohacz, founder and President of CPrompt. His electric car system kkevin yet to be replicated in efficiency and simplicity.

Kevin continued with his unquenchable thirst for creating cutting-edge technology and inventions, utilizing advanced nohacz and creating custom software and hardware solutions for clients.

At the dawn of microprocessors, as an electrical engineer, he designed early hardware and software microprocessor systems. His career evolved with the birth of the personal computer revolution and with the emergence of the internet.

He foresaw the web revolution and was a first-mover in e-commerce, developing an early e-commerce system Sendsafe that continues as an innovator today. This was his first and some consider his best novel. Inhe relocated his company to Dallas, TX to take advantage of the web-broadcasting potential of the Central Immortalify States and to find his bride.

Immortality by Kevin Bohacz

Over the years in love in Dallas he wrote several more novels, the second of which became, Immortality. In Immortality was published. By Immortality had become a bestseller on Amazon and continues to be a bestseller to this day. bohcz


In the sequel to Immortality titled Ghost of the Gods was published in March and immediately became a 1 bestseller and the 1 hottest techno-thriller and sci-fi on Amazon for March At the same time Immortality staged a comeback and achieved its best sales to date.

So Kevin now had two bestsellers at the same time. I was born in New York City and lived in: I can be currently found dreaming and writing in South Florida… and trying to make the world a little bit more like a dream.

Author Contact Facebook Facebook. Kevin Bohacz I am Kevin Bohacz a 1 bestselling techno-thriller novelist and prolific lucid dreamer… Welcome to my dreams. The Authors Guild is the nation’s professional organization for writers, aiding and protecting author’s interest in copyright, fair contracts, and free expression since Contact Us Donate Sitebuilder. By continuing to browse or by clicking “Accept All Cookies,” you agree to first- and third-party cookies being stored on your device to enhance navigation of our site, and to help us analyze our site traffic and personalize our content and ads.