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The Steel Claw (comics)

This post is the best Mauavi have seen Thanks for remembering them. The strip had by now found popularity worldwide, including in Germany, India and Sweden, and it remained in print in these countries long after the character’s final appearance in the UK. Finally the magazine was discontinued, leaving German fans in dismay.

It will be amazing to be able to see them again. The story ended briefly in Maymaywvi a year later was back, retitled Return of the Clawwhich would run until He has sent me many more scans as well, which I’ll be using in the furture posts. Nayagaravil Mayavi another favorite of mine 9.

His claw had a number of inbuilt weapons, amongst them being able to fire missiles and gas along with a built in radio transmitter and receiver. Because of the pressures of deadlines, these monthly titles saw a variety of different writers and artists employed, irrumbu various Italian artists, most notably future AD artist Massimo Belardinelli. This was not to last though, and Crandell quickly returned to his secret agent roots. This series was published in irjmbu Hindi monthly magazine Parag under the name fauladi panja.


Titles mentioned by him are: CID Lawrence not so good anyway 5. Take a look at a page form this book below.

What a dedicated work to comics. I am wondering if I request the editor to print these as a special order since he must now have all the basic things still available, if he will oblige.

Irumbu kai mayavi was is my favorite hero. The Steel Claw first appeared in the debut edition of Valiant dated 6 October A big thanks Dr Sathish!!!

I will also place a link on my indopakbangcomics. Katril Karaintha Kappalgal 2. Though the editor has announced that there will be four issues per year, I guess it was never fulfilled. Anyway I do not have any complaints about the substituted story, it is also equally good: Armed with his steel claw, which by now was equipped with a variety of weapons and tools in each finger, as well as with his power of invisibility, Louis Crandell battled various criminal geniuses, aliens, and the organisation known as F.

I bought this book three times.

He is now working as part of a group called “Q”. Jack and Jill Playhour. Retrieved from ” https: Newer Post Older Post Home. Also, the front and back covers of the original Manjal poo marmam, and beirutil johnny were fabulous.

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InFleetway featured the character in a number of digest-size original stories in their Stupendous Series of Super Library comics. Ksi Nenjan Spider Irumbukkai Maayavi 6. Newyorkil Maayavi Marma Theevu Archie Quality and the size of the books merits a deeper discussion!!!!. Spider 8 stories 3. Though the print quality is not quite the same as the original first print of 70’s, they are passable. Steel Claw containing a different weapon in each finger, the Claw was also remote controlled.

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Comics infobox without image Character pop. The Steel Claw appeared in Valiant throughout much of the s and was one of the most popular kwi in the comic.


The Steel Claw (comics) – Wikipedia

However, when Valiant merged with Battle Picture Weeklythe strip transferred to Vulcanfromin a series of reprints. Am going to post a double issue this weekend.

Steel Claw achieved cult status in India becoming one of India’s most popular action heroes. However for some reasons he has dropped the idea. A couple of characters – with the black shades – look like MGR dont they: After the first three serials, Bulmer left the title, and was replaced by Tom Tully. Yes, you can buy some of the CC issues directly from kia publishers even now.

I don’t read, write or shit. If you will amyavi see if you have them in your collection or possibly one of your contacts have them, that will be fantastic. And smudging is also another issue with the pictures. Lai more about our comics. Malaikottai Marmam What is missing in CC is the hotline!!! However this failed to spawn any continuing series and the character again entered limbo, until it was announced in that Ifumbu Comics would be using the character along with a number of other IPC characters, in a six issue mini-series called Albion.

Comics Classics was started in late 90s to rekindle Muthu comics Nostalgia for the old timers.