This JSR development tutorial shows how to master request-response programming using the PortletRequest and PortletResponse objects of the Portlet JSR (Portlet ) defines a lifecycle for events, so that eventing is name as defined in the previous code example in the portlet section of the file. Portlet Tutorial, Java Portlet, Portlet Example, Java Portlet Tutorial, What is Portlet , JSR has introduced the using of annotations for controlling things were.

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Packaging portlet classes, resources, and descriptive information in a single file makes distribution and deployment of portlets easier. It is split in different pieces.

Portlets also have a portlet filter available for each phase in the portlet lifecycle. Perform the inclusion of the markup obtained from the JSP. With the XML configuration below, the filter ApplicationMonitoringFilter involves in request handling on any deployed portlet.

Portlets – Liferay – Liferay Developer Network

Portlet filters 826 similar to servlet filters in that they allow request and response modification on the fly. This software allows developers to write a portlet application as if it was a JSF application. This is the default window state. The portlet API provides a convenient implementation of this interface. The global portlet feature is designed to compensate such limitation. Minimized A portlet may show very little information, or none at all.

Using the other jar portlet modes. So what do these specifications define?


Creating a simple portlet

To do this, proceed as follows: Portlet calls happen in tutoroal or two phases. For example, a filter can transform the content of portlet requests and portlet responses. For example, a message boards or wiki portlet is best suited on its own page. The portal administrator can download a WAR file from the Internet and then use the portal administration interface to install the portlet to WebSphere Portal Express.

Implement a PortletFilter object Define the filter in portlet application deployment descriptor Define the filter mapping in portlet definitions.

Page layout tags let you create layouts using Bootstrap 3 within your portlets.

Those areas contain different windows and each window contains portlet:. Runtime extensions RE branches from runtime classpath, and application extensions AEX branch from runtime extensions. Please check the source code to see the difference with Method 1. In fact, GateIn 3.

Creating a simple portlet

The application server searches for security policy files in the location of the enterprise application archive rather than the Web application archive. Then, compile the portlet using the fully qualified path to the Java portlet source. Omit this tag if the portlet does not use this feature.

It is used during deployment. Window prtlet mimic window behavior in a traditional desktop environment:. The render phase will have access to render parameters that will be passed each time the portlet is refreshed with the exception of caching capabilities.

This section tells the portal to only output HTML. JavaServer Pages Portlet Example. You can set up the run time environment for debugging portlets on the local development machine or on a remote server. This makes it easier to support the standard portlet modes.


Portlets contained in WAR files have the advantage of being dynamically downloaded and installed. A sample portlet called SimplestHelloWorld is located in the examples directory at the root of your GateIn 3. This sample is used in the following examples. Using the portlet tag library to generate links to the portlet in different ways. The Global metadata is declared in tuorial portlet.

This gives you access to all the MVC Portlet tutoiral you are familiar with, plus the added bonus of using Soy templates for It allows administrators to pair which modes and window states are supported for each markup type. The package structure in this tutorial does not differ greatly from the previous example, with the exception of adding some JSP files detailed later.

There are tutorixl of differences between the elements in this example and the corresponding Figure 8. The compiled Java class implementing javax. This example is using Maven to compile and build the web archive.

Processes events triggered in the Action phase.