Katy Deepwell. Professor of K Deepwell. Universitat de Paint stripping: Katy Deepwell on feminist possibilities in painting after modernism. K Deepwell. Katy Deepwell wrote her PhD on ‘Women Artists in Britain between the Two World Wars’ (London, Birkbeck College, ). Her PhD research was published as. This conversation between Maureen Connor and Katy Deepwell, editor of n. para – doxa, took place in New York in March Maureen Connor: Let’s start by.

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Katy Deepwell is an art critic based in London. She is founder and editor of n. This is an art historical study of the visibility of women artists in Britain between She is the author of n. The texts gathered in this volume embrace women artists-only exhibitions, festivals, collective art projects, groups and associations, organised in the long s in Europe These all-women art initiatives are closely related While each chapter is largely devoted to one country, the authors point to how the local and specific political situation in which these initiatives emerged is linked to global tendencies as well as inter-European exchanges.

Each chapter of this book thus assesses the impact of travelling views of feminism, by considering connections made between women artists often when travelling abroad or their knowledge of art practices from abroad.

Katy Deepwell – Wikipedia

dwepwell Distinct and highly varied attitudes towards political activism from strong engagement to a clearly pronounced distance and even hostility are shown in each essay and, what is more, katj are shown as based on radically different premises about feminism, politics and art.

Women Artists between the Wars: Book, major study of women artists in Britain, Publisher: Manchester University Press Publication Date: Women Artists From Ireland more. Interviews with 16 women artists about work produced from the s Publisher: See links for table of contents, additional information.


Saffron Books Publication Date: Edited, Women Artists and Modernism more. Edited, New Feminist Art Criticism: Universitat de Valencia Mary Nash: Universidad Central de Barcelona Verena Stolcke Universidad Central de Barcelona Verena Stolcke: A collection of 23 essays about contemporary feminist art strategies Publisher: Spanish translation of New Feminist Art Criticism: Universidad de Valencia Publication Date: Careers of Ten Women Artists Born, more.

Kosmala ed Sexing the Border: Deepwell ed Feminist Art Manifestos: An Anthology KT press, more.

Calvert 22 Foundation Publication Date: Helena Reckitt ed Sanja Ivekovic: Unknown Heroine – A Reader. Mia Sundberg ed Beatrice Cussol: Feminist Art and Women Artists. Centro Cultural Montehermoso Publication Date: Such proposals make it impossible to mount a cri-tique of femininity through the gestural marks of painting. Conceptually, a critique of femininity, its norms and expectations, is central to feminist politics. Jan 1, Publication Name: Weimar, Edition Eselsweg Publication Date: Fragen und Antworten Weimar, Edition Eselsweg, Text in German and English.

The collaborative exhibition project took this term to describe the disinterest of The collaborative exhibition project took this term to describe the disinterest of young women toward ideas and forms of feminism, resulting from a lack On the Paradox of Feminism.

Feminist Art and Feminist Art History. Katy Deepwell, who lives in London, UK, is editor of n. Women Artists from Ireland. She has edited New Feminist Art Criticism: Critical Strategies, Art Criticism and Presses Universitaries de Rennes Publication Date: Seddon ed History Painting Reassessed.

PaintingArt Criticismand Feminist Art. Contemporary Asian Women Artists. Additional catalogue for this show. Binghui Huangfu ed Text and Subtext: Contemporary Art and Asian Women. IB Tauris Publication Date: Percorsi, lavori e poetiche delle artiste dagli anni Ottanta a oggiMilano, Costa e Nolan, Feminist Art and Feminist Art and Performance. Manchester University press Publication Date: Steyn ed ‘Beyond Identity: A Social, Political, and ‘ ….


Kenjo Yoshida and Brian Durrans. Galerie im Taxispalais Publication Date: Walter Konig Publication Date: Text in Croatian and English. Against the Torture of Women’ more. Arken Museum of Modern Art. Et halvt arhundrede set gennem kroppen.

Revista de Arte Vizuale nr. The transitional moment of both feminism and postmodernism is eclipsed in these constructions and debates about globalisation which use this distinction with modern art and thereby conveniently ignore feminism and postmodernism. Apr Publication Name: Dec Publication Name: Aug Publication Name: Asian Contemporary Art and Culture.

This conversation was part of the Documenta 12 Magazine Project talks at Documenta 12 in The Invention of Feminist Art Criticism’ more. Jun Publication Name: The Sandwich Man The Netherlands.

Katy Deepwell – اقتباسات الباحث العلمي من Google

An Anthology, Blackwells, May Publication Name: Deepwfll Defence of the Indefensible: Feminism, Painting and Post-Modernism’ more. Also editor of this issue on Painting. Painting and Feminist Art. Maureen Connor online, I was inspired to set up a platform for debate about feminist art practice and criticism.


The Power of Feminism more. Journal of Philo-sophy and Technology, no. Oxford Univ Press Publication Date: The Menace of the Spoken Word: Inside Mona Hatoum more.

Negotiating Models of Feminist Research more. Duke Univ Press Kat Date: Journal of Contemporary African Art. Nigerian Art and Feminist Art. Series Editor at KT press.

This list aims to build an international community of feminist researchers exploring local and global dynamics in feminism and contemporary art, This list aims to build an international community of feminist researchers exploring local and global dynamics in feminism and contemporary art, post