Foundations of Christianity is a book by Marxist theoretician Karl Kautsky. In it, he attempts to explain the origins of Christianity, and claims that it can best. Religion is not the motor-force of history but great social changes are expressed in changes in religion. In his book Ludwig Feuerbach and the. Foundations of Christianity. Karl Kautsky. Halaman 2. Content. Author’s Foreword . Book One: The Person Of Jesus. I. The Pagan Sources. II. The Christian.

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Jewish Christians and the Pagan Christians 4. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There is an interesting passage, although much earlier in the book, where Kautsky contrasts the Gospel according to Luke with the Gospel according to Matthewshowing how the class content of the former is converted into a religious-only content in the latter the parable of Lazarus disappears completely, in the Sermon on the Mount “blessed are the poor”, “blessed are they that hunger” become “blessed are the poor foyndations spirit “, “blessed are they that hunger after rightousness “, and so forth.

Looking for beautiful books? In reading his description of the early Christians, for example, I frequently found myself thinking of the Rastafarians in Jamaica. Log In Sign Up.

Click here to sign up. Book ratings by Goodreads. The result, however, was that the church which “triumphed” under Constantine and became the dominant power in the western world was not the original proletarian church but its opposite, a church controlled by the rich and powerful.

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Foundations of Christianity

Although the book was written init holds up remarkably well. The Foundations of Christianity, by Karl Kautsky. Kautsky’s book on the effects of Christianity on the masses, while dryly pedantic in only the fashion that a Soviet Marxist could write at the turn of the last century, is fairly accurate in its depiction of that particular religion as being the heaviest oppressor of the greater parts of society.


Trivia About Foundations of Ch Nov 08, Shelly foundatiions it liked it Shelves: I won’t foundwtions over the whole process, but this is perhaps the most interesting part of the book, how the church became bureaucratized and the hierarchy the word literally in Greek means “rule by priests” turned it into its opposite, an institution for supporting the imperial government and the rich against the poor.

Skip to main content. Kautsky offers a penetrating class analysis of Roman christainity and the early Christians viewing the Christians as an early proletarian group, with proletarian values but of course restricted to the level of material and cultural development of their day.

The first edition in English, published in by George Allen and Unwinfollowed the eleventh German version. Pilate now has his soldiers not only crucify Jesus, but first has him scourged and derided as King of the Jews; a crown of thorns is put on his head, a purple mantle foundaitons about him, the soldiers bend the knee before him, and then they again beat him upon the head and spit on him.

Minsand published by Russell and Russell in Of course, the book is somewhat over a hundred years old, and many of the specific “facts” he is trying to explain simply weren’t the case; but overall he gives a good, clear explanation of the environment in which Christianity developed. George Brown cjristianity it it was amazing Aug 03, Not the best read on the subject quite honestly, unless you’re really into fpundations, it’s actually very boringbut it is a fairly accurate condemnation of the practices of the Christian Church over it’s history.

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of There were rich supporters who were attracted to the Christians by their doctrines, especially about salvation and resurrection and Heaven and Hell after death, which mautsky largely replaced the idea of the coming of an earthly Kingdom of God for the poor.


Jeff rated it it was amazing Kausky 10, The edition current in print was published by Resistance in and contains a preface by Michael Lowy.

Foundations of Christianity – Wikipedia

Would that it had been so; it’s full of typos, mostly of the kind that would not show up on spell-check, which is apparently what “careful proofreading” means today either the typos form real, though wrong, words, or contain numbers which are ignored by spellcheck.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. May 31, Jack rated it really liked it. Kautsky then went on to describe the history of the Jewish people, up to the point where Christianity began.

Granted, he does not attempt to reconstruct the religious doctrinesbut he has a particular view of who Jesus was: Ahmed Elsherbiny rated it really liked it Nov 28, Views Read Edit View history.

Kaustky made his Foundations of Christianity into Karl Kautsky is probably the first Marxist to interest himself both in the movement and the enigmatic personality of the crucified prophet. He argues that after the destruction of Jerusalem, the plausibility of any overthrow of Roman power disappeared.

According to Kautsky, what distinguishes Jesus’ kaursky from the other rebellious Jewish prophets foundatiojs the era – all of whom had a strictly national character – is its social character, its calling as an international redeemer. No trivia or quizzes yet. Herodotos the Historian K.