La Historia Me Absolvera (Spanish Edition) [Fidel Castro] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La historia me absolverá: edición anotada. [Fidel – Castro] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Publication Date: ) Texto del discurso de. Fidel Castro, la historia me absolverá (Best Seller (Debolsillo)) (Spanish Edition) [Claudia Furiati] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Having.

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Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. At a certain spot on the highway they were taken out, beaten unconscious, and strangled with a rope. These are still fresh in our memory, but someday when years have passed, when the skies of the nation have cleared once more, when tempers have calmed and fear no longer torments our spirits, then we will begin to see the magnitude of this massacre in all its shocking dimension, and future generations will be struck with horror when they look back on these acts of barbarity unprecedented in our history.

Typical tactics of Sergeant Barriguilla! My argument is meant simply to demonstrate what a false and erroneous position the Judicial Power has adopted in the present situation. Many were compelled to dig their own graves. This brief explanation has been necessary because it is basic to a consideration to which few people, until now, have paid any attention – soldiers have a deep respect for the feelings of the majority of the people!

Finally I asked him if either of these men had died, and he said no. As a result of so many turbid and illegal machinations, due to the will of those who govern and the absolverq of those who judge, I find myself here in this little room at the Civilian Hospital, where I have been brought to be tried in secret, so that I may not be heard and my voice may be stifled, and so that no one may learn of the things I am going to say. Here all forms of ferocious outrages and cruelty were deliberately overdone.


However, he was not permitted to carry out his task. This attitude could not be clearer nor more free of vacillation and sterile charlatanry. Let him not remain silent. From that time since, the uniform of the Army is splattered with blood.


Fidel’s defense statement “La Historia me absolverá” will be remembered today

If no law applies exactly to the point in question, then there is no offense. This attitude, unusually magnanimous and considerate, spared the citizens a great deal of bloodshed. You imprison the poor wretch who steals because he is hungry; but none of the hundreds who steal millions from the Government has ever spent a night in jail.

How mw keep secret what had hiwtoria happened, when so many young men were willing to risk everything – prison, torture and death, if necessary – in order that the truth histoia told before this Court? The very day the Courts opened, the criminal occupied the seat of honor in the midst of our august and venerable patriarchs of justice. While the long-cherished hopes of freeing our people lay in ruins about us we hitsoria those crushed hopes gloated over by a tyrant more vicious, more arrogant than ever.

Thanks to this the Court learned the details of this crime too. But never has such a sad and bloody page been written in numbers of victims and in the viciousness of the victimizers, as in Santiago de Cuba.

We planned to continue the struggle in the mountains in case the attack on the regiment failed. The first condition of sincerity and good faith in any endeavor historiw to do precisely what nobody else ever does, that is, to speak with absolute clarity, without fear.

Who can doubt the valor, civic pride and limitless courage of the rebel and patriotic people of Santiago de Cuba?

Up to this point I have confined myself almost exclusively to relating events. After Batista spoke fifty more were massacred. In the Centro Gallego they broke into the operating room at the very moment when two of our critically wounded were receiving blood transfusions. San Agsolvera de Lombillo: Our men were killed not in the course of a minute, an hour or a day.

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The use of nuclear energy in this field is now a reality and will greatly reduce the cost of producing electricity. I warn you, I am just nistoria The nation absllvera an explanation. There is a limit to tolerance!

No teacher should earn less than pesos, no secondary teacher should make less than pesos, if they are to devote themselves exclusively to their high calling without suffering want. Every fourth or fifth rank official considers himself entitled to the services of a soldier to drive his car and to watch over him as if he were constantly afraid of receiving the kick in the pants he so justly deserves. Read more Read less.


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The 10th of March was a miserable deception, yes When the father approached to pick him up, they shot him through his head. Who told them that to die fighting is dishonorable? I spoke of the goals that inspired us in our struggle and of the humane and generous treatment that we had at all times accorded our adversaries.

Since the prosecutor’s petition was restricted to the mere reading of five lines of an article of the Social Defense Code, might they suppose that I too would limit myself to those same lines historiia circle round them like some slave turning a millstone? According to Castro, Batista was a ” monstrum horrendum We shall dedicate a speech to you and award you a posthumous promotion when it no longer matters and afterwards These mme young men were the only ones of our wounded who survived.

In analyzing the reasons for our tactical failure, apart from the regrettable error already mentioned, I believe we made a mistake by dividing the commando unit we had so carefully trained.

I asked the Court to bring me to trial in accordance with all established principles, and I denounced the underhanded schemes that were afoot to prevent it.

In what battles, where, in what clashes, did these young men die? Let me mention two important facts that facilitate an objective judgement of our attitude. Secondly, it would distribute the remaining land among peasant families with priority given to the larger ones, and would promote agricultural cooperatives for communal use of expensive equipment, freezing lla and unified professional technical management of farming and cattle raising. In this case, counsel and defendant are one and the same.

Finally, I should like to add that no treatise on penal law was allowed me in my al.