The LimeSurvey tool presents horizontal tool bars to the survey creator in their LimeSurvey, you will not be aware of or vary from what you see on the screen. Importing an existing survey from the old LimeSurvey. If you have an old survey in the previous version of LimeSurvey, and you want to use it as. für E-Learning auswählen. In Handbuch ELearning (pp. (, April 24). LimeSurvey – the free and open source survey software tool! Carsten Schmitz.

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Enter a specific email address ie: You could also set up email forwarding on the provider’s side, so that limessurvey messages sent there are relayed to your preferred address. Log in Forgot your password?

However, if the participant chooses “Other” and types in something in the text box, there is NO way a condition can be set. A dialog drop-down list will show up from where you can choose the Create a new survey option:. Hallo liebe LimeSurvey-Community, der Fragebogen zu meiner Masterarbeit ist quasi fertig, jedoch habe ich 2 Fragen, die mit einer Matrix 5 Punkte Auswahl abgefragt werden.

To quickly reset all the survey conditions, click on one survey-related setting, look for Tools on the top toolbar, and click Reset conditions: If the participant chooses Black, you can set a different condition. LimeSurvey will create a database and the tables inside it.

By default, all the new conditions are created inside the Default Scenariowhich uses number ‘1’ as its identifier. If you select a question-entry from the Previous questions tab and if this question uses predefined answers, then the corresponding predefined answers are displayed under the Predefined tab of the comparison value selection.


Wie dem auch sei, nun passt alles. To find out more details on how you can copy conditions within LimeSurvey, please continue reading the following wiki section. If it has been already chosen from the global settings by the superadministrator to have the “no answer” option displayed, then the Show “No answer” of the local survey field becomes non-selectable because the global settings trump the survey settings idem for the Off case.

See something missing or incorrect?

In this way, only one or two questions get skipped per answer. Then help us fix it. A survey hanfbuch summary will be displayed:. Without a belt it is a casual style. The minimum supported screen resolution for the LimeSurvey administration page is px x px.

Retrieved from ” http: Just create your account and start using Limesurvey today. The copy conditions functionality can be used when you wish to apply the same set of conditions you applied to Question5 to Question If you want to tweak more a survey group template options, click on the advanced option tab recommended for advanced users:.

LimeSurvey will always apply first OR.

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However, we are looking this time only for the most active members to ask them further questions. Check the following link to find out more about the available question types in LimeSurvey. To see which survey-editing functionalities are available, check the list surveys section. Das sind alle Fragetypen abgesehen von Matrix-Fragen. Conditions can only be set based on questions that appear before the question on which the condition is set.


In the multiple options question type, you can use the “Other” provided in the question type as a haandbuch choice but you cannot set conditions on it. Once you are done with the options, click on the Copy survey button located on the bottom of the page.

When you have several conditions, they are ANDed together if they don’t share the same tested values.

Umfragen erstellen – Einführung – LimeSurvey Manual

However, the ‘AAMN’ question might not be displayed at the end handnuch the respondent did not select to the previous question ‘Gender’ answer ‘Male M ‘. To do that, click on the question you wish to apply the condition to:. Then, confirm the deletion. If you do not want this to happen, select “No”. Lohnt sich wirklich die auch einfach mal durchzulesen.

I answer at the LimeSurvey forum in my spare time. Then, select the survey s you wish to delete and click on the Selected survey s As we can observe, the conditions get ORed due to the Group of checkboxes flavour selected in the beginning Make sure you upload the files in binary mode check the settings of your FTP program.

Limesurvyconnect to your web server and create a directory to store your scripts.

Note that in order to use the Token your survey must: You can now select the desired survey and start editing it.