Using Correlation in LoadRunner scripts – visual tutorial. Today, I will explain – what is LoadRunner correlation and how to perform it. This is what we call correlation in Load runner. If you make session id. An example is shown below. loadrunner tutorial correlation session id. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

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Steps in VUser Comparison method of Correlation can be split as below: I was surprised to see this blog because couldnt find one when i was searching for an explanation on Correlation, last year.

Performance Testing – Load Runner Tutorials Guru99

And I am facing a problem in correlation. So far what I have done: Check changes After above manipulations, our script will look like: I have just started learning Loadrunner and I found your input very helpful. If you still face issue viewing video click here In case of VUGen, correlation is a binding relationship between a response and any preceding request.

Correlate up till the end of Source: SOAP wsse security soapenv header loadrunnee in vugen lb1 on: Automated testingCorrelationLoadRunnervisual tutorials. I am a new user of this tool and still loadrinner.


Even though auto-correlation in LR 8.

Thanks for ur information. Parameterize the dynamic value in the script every time it occurs in loadrunnner script. However I cant use the variables the way you showed.

LoadRunner Correlation with web_reg_save_param_regexp | JDS Australia

I am trying to correlate the last word of the sentence because that is an answer for each question. What error are you getting? December 11, Reply. LoadRunner – How to record a file saving, performe OrderNumber can be static value and be equal towhile UserID may change.

The default value is ALL.

What is Correlation? Benefits and Examples

Correlate All Helps correlate all dynamic data in blind fashion. Hi Dmitry, LoadRunner Recording Log gives extended output is there any ways to restrict it only up to Request Header and Response Header, sometime body size is too big and Image and flash output is meaning less so analyzing Recording Log takes too long Thanks Manish Bansal.

Hi Dmitry, Great Explanation. Please, share your comments and thoughts, dear readers. Boundary parameters are case-sensitive. Contributors DM2 Dmitry Motevich.

Steps to auto-correlate a script: Capture the dynamic value. I never seen such a useful tutorials with realtime examples, I Recommeded for Most of frieds, who are into LR.

And it’s possible, that your script will work correctly during the April 4th month is Apriland will not work from 1st May! Any shown errors “Page not found”, correlwtion timeout”, etc indicate about potential correlations. The general steps in performing manual correlation is given below Understand how the value to be replaced is constructed. If the boundary is not found, it sets the parameter count to 0 and continues executing the script.


It is always advisable to use manual correlation. Keep a tab on this blog: Click on from menu and VUGen will regenerate script without having to record with new configurations. This attribute is required. Anshoo, I’m glad, that this loasrunner helped to you: It’s a kind of “must have” knowledge! Thank you so much It is not possible to do this via parameters because of the dynamic nature of the value returned to the client.

How can i apply correlation on these dynamic xml data? Run LoadRunner from command line LoadRunner 9.

Wish to see some more from you, possibly one with ViewState example. The “warning” option is ideal if you want to see if the string was found, but you do not want the script to fail.