[Meena is another fisherman’s wife living near to Moti] “I don’t know how to make muri.” “But is this not a traditional occupation of the women of your caste?” “Yes. Muri Ghonto Recipe- Learn how to make Muri Ghonto step by step on Times Food. Find all ingredients and method to cook Muri Ghonto along. MURI. GHANTO. FISH HEAD CURRY COOKED WITH MUNG DAL But Mung or Channa dal are accepted variations that can be used to make Muri Ghanto.

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M uri Ghonto is ,uri rich Bengali delicacy, says Urmimala, a food blogger. The side dish, she says, is cooked with rice and fried fish head of rohu or katla known as maacher matha or muro in Bengali. This dish does not have gravy and is mushy. So after the cooking is complete, dry out the excess water content by cooking on high flame.


How to make Muri Ghonto – Get Ahead

Sprinkle some ghee and garam masala powder on top just before you serve. Send us your favourite recipes!

Mail it to us at getahead rediff. We’ll publish the best recipes right here on Rediff.

NewsApp Free Read news as it happens Available on. Urmimala Banerjee tells you how to cook this Bengali delicacy. Kind courtesy Urmimala Banerjee.

Muri Ghonto is best served hot with rice. Six wonderful Khichdi recipes! That boy with a yellow plate 5 food lessons I learned from my granny Poha with a twist!

Muri Ghonto Recipe: How to Make Muri Ghonto

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